If you are into tower defense game with cute looking characters and colorful 2D graphics, Alchemic Jousts is a game for you. This is an indie game based on the rock-paper-scissor system of combat but mixed with strategy elements.

Your goal in Alchemic Joust is defending your tower and destroy enemy’s tower in a one on one battle. Game rules are easy to understand and make a good balance between the strategic and quick-thinking side of the game. Units (or elementals) will have an absolute advantage to each other. For example, Fire will be defeated by Water but Fire will win Earth. Units of both sides will walk into each other automatically. The one with the advantage will win and the other will vanishes. Both will disappear if they are the same elemental.

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As you progress through the game, you will learn about new Units with their own unique powers. You will also have new skills to help in battle. Each skill has different effects that can freeze your enemies, slow them down or push them back to their side…You can also get new skills by combining own ones or playing a mini-game. And you have to choose up to twelve skills to use at the beginning of each match. And I surprised to hear that there are over one hundred skills and upgrades in Alchemic Jousts.

You also need to be careful with Global Effects also. It will appear randomly each match and change the in-game conditions for both sides. This really raises the game challenging up and make it different. You need to make quick respond to the change to win.

Not hard to realize that Alchemic Jousts was affected by Plants vs Zombies and Castlestorm. But that’s a good thing to learn their bright and adorable art style. It makes player feels more relax than other art style and easy to attract people at any ages.Like any best waterpik, these appliances have optimal brushing times- usually three minutes. Sound and music in Alchemic Jousts are doing their jobs well. Voices of Elementals are cute though it does not really suit with the battle background.

Despite the child look of the game, Alchemic Jousts actually deep in some aspects. There are varying numbers of levels in this game. Enough to keep you busy as long as you want. If you are into games like Castlestorm, you will like Alchemic Jousts. So what are you waiting for? Go and get a copy.


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