After playing Alice Madness Return twice in a row I’ve finally decided that I have a right to make a game review based on my experience with this game; and may be even give some playing tips. This review might be useful for gamers who doubting to play or not to play Alice Madness, so I have separated it into few parts, just so it’s easier to understand all the good/bad points of game. Alice Madness Returns is a psychological/adventure game which was initially made for PS3 and Xbox 360 by Chinese studio called Spicy Horse. Spicy Horse mostly focus on games for mobile devices, so I think this is worth mentioning too.

Game: Alice Madness Returns

Genre: Psychological/Adventure and Platformer Game

Platform played on: PC


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All I can say is that the game is beautiful. In my opinion, it’s different from any other games I’ve played. I’m attracted to everything bright, colorful -may be because I’m a girl, however, I was surprised that designers made not only good looking “shell” of the game, but paid much attention to details and design of side characters,e.g colorful flying cow or attacking bolt-wasp.

The surroundings have nice smooth shapes and bright colors. Trees, grass, buildings, sky (love it), even ruins make you feel the mood of the game.

It’s obviously lacking in realism, however, that’s the important point of the game. Taking in account that you play through third party and you are in Alice’s messed up Wonderland.

I believe that was one of the main reasons why developers didn’t make a first person game, but rather you see main character from your point of view.

The design of Alice is quite nice. The most interesting thing which happens to her every time she jumps to the next level is changing of dress which matches new map. Details like dress/hair moving are also taken into account.
There are many of other characters with interesting and sometimes insane looks ( tattooed cat ), and it’s enjoyable to interact or just to look at them.

One of the things I love a lot is the animations/cut scenes in this game. Cut scenes normally happens when Alice jumps to the next map or just in between – for example, when some character tells a story of his life or whatever to Alice. Seriously, animation looks kind of like collage/ paper toys but it’s pretty and creepy at the same time. I recommend you not to skip animations, as they might be informative and it’s a pleasure to watch them.


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The gameplay in Alice Madness is something I was quite disappointed with. As I wrote above, the game was mainly for PS3 and Xbox 360, however the PC is also included in the list of platforms. This has resulted in a rough and poorly optimised port from console to pc. Cameras are horrible and targeting is a chore.

Game lags quite often, especially when you have played many hours in a row and you try to get from Shrink (ctrl) mode to normal one. Another thing which is extremely annoying is when you fight with Menacing Ruin and you need to use an umbrella as shield (caps locks+E) the umbrella doesn’t always opens and you can’t protect yourself (Alice) from the monster. The jumping is generally fine, but as game lags sometimes, incidents happen and you might fall :).

I would prefer to have more Easter eggs. With this graphical beauty you just want more of them, as I want to explore surroundings more :). During the game you have to collect teeth to upgrade your weapon. You will have a choice of 4 weapons, I found them useful. You can also go to Radula Room to have some extra fight in exchange of health.


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The story tells us about Alice, which believes she is insane after fire happened in her house and killed all her family . With her psychologist in orphanage she tries to “forget” that, or, more importantly, the doctor tries to make her do so. After incident with nurse she transports in Wonderland, which, according to Cat will be destroyed if she won’t stop the Infernal Train. I personally believe that player might consider this as her hallucinations. Or not. Also, the story in Wonderland matches her memories in Real life and memories about fire. Overall the story is quite interesting. However, the ending is horrible. I am disappointed. Looks like makers ran out of time to finish game or something.


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All the way through the game I was surrounded by this soft, non distracting music, which perfectly suits each map .

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Multiplayer & Co-Op
Not applicable

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Well, despite game has some controls issues, my overall experience is great. I love this game, it’s like literally being in Wonderland myself.


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