Despite the fancy graphics and stunning details, the reality is that the NES era is still going strong in gaming and the main reason behind that is the uniqueness and replay value offered by titles like Alwa’s Awakening. Not only do these games manage to maintain the NES flame alive, but they are taking things to an entire new level thanks to the great ideas and astounding replay value that they provide, all unlike never before.

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A beautiful story

Alwa’s Awakening comes with one of the most interesting stories you have seen in recent years. We play the role of Zoe, a girl that loves to play games and one night she finds herself into her favorite game. However, things aren’t as easy as you would expect, because the game world is filled with dangers that she needs to overcome in order to reach her objective, which is to get out of this place and come back to the real world by any means necessary.

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The retro era makes a comeback

As you would expect, Alwa’s Awakening is all about bringing in the challenging gameplay from the NES era, while also maintaining the graphics style we loved back in the day. The game does a great job in this regard because it manages to unique some of the most interesting and appealing worlds you have ever played in. It’s clear that the developer pay a homage to the wonderful graphics from the NES era and these look amazing here. Not only does the graphic style appeal to retro gamers thanks to the pixelated art you can find here, but this is also accompanied by a new 8-bit soundtrack that makes the experience even more immersive and fun.


A very challenging gameplay arises

No retro game was easy back in the day, and the same thing happens here as well. Alwa’s Awakening has a tough gameplay, and many platforming sections require perfectly timed jumps. There are plenty of enemies to attack and the gameplay is very refined so overall the game manages to provide you with a wide range of cool, exciting moments that you can check out. Of course, each level does bring in his own set of challenges and you have to unravel them in the best way you can all so that you can reach your objective!

You have many types of enemies in the game, but also various traps and spikes, among many others. In fact, this is a world that’s unsafe and definitely the gamer nightmare, but you do need to try hard in order to help Zoe come back to the real world. The experience is so action packed and full of fun that you will rarely stop to take some air, that’s how fun and exciting the gameplay really is in Alwa’s Awakening. You do encounter bosses too, but even arriving in front of them will provide to be very hard, so you should totally prepare for a long, demanding yet simply beautiful exploratory experience!

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Closing thoughts

Alwa’s Awakening takes some of the best ideas from the retro NES games and places them in a modern coat, while also retaining the visual style and musical inspiration from the older games. What you get here is a great action platformer that has a steep difficulty and a stellar story, one that you need to follow no matter the costs!

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