Armed with Wings Rearmed is a 2D Platformer like game with a strong element of combat. That alone however is not enough to encapsulate the whole experience of the game. The game also features a dual character gameplay style where you switch between the main character and your eagle to help navigate puzzles in the level designs.

What is truly unique is its artistic approach, utilising black and white art to create a uniquely cinematic world. I would buy this game just for its visual qualities and I highly recommend you to do the same if you enjoy a unique visual experiences.

Armed with Wings Rearmed is being developed by a single developer, so its a solo project.

For more information about the developer, Daniel Sun, please visit the following link: with wings rearmed-01

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First Impressions

The first few tutorial levels are slightly tedious, but I guess you have to walk before you run. What it reminded me of though was of Samurai Jack the Cartoon Network animated show from a while back.

The buttons were not obvious to figure out, I was stuck for a moment and had to go to the menu to figure it out, but maybe it’s just me being a bit thick. Blocking mechanic is very good and the dodging style is even better, it makes the game very dynamic and fun. with wings rearmed-05

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Armed with Wings Rearmed has a special focus on the age of old black and white artistic style. The developer utilised a unique blend of color scale between true black and true white to create a vivid environment for the player to immerse their eyes in. By limiting the palette, Sun-Studios has been able to create a truly special visual style.

Focusing more on the actual character, the individual motion & dodge animations feel very smooth and combat related animations are swift thus representing the samurai katana art very well. with wings rearmed-04

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Armed with Wings Rearmed gameplay is quite special in the respect that in the story mode there is a great focus on utilising both the character to solve puzzles and advancing in the story. You simply do not just hack and slash but also have to stop and think for a bit to win.

Another thing to note is there is no jump button, the game automatically triggers the jump animation when your character reaches the end of the platform. I found this strange at first but I got used to it, however I think having a key bound jump function might enhance combat a little bit.

Armed with Wings Rearmed also offers great selection for customisation and features a sort of upgrade system where you earn progress based on point earned in the level.

The game features a few modes, story, levels and survival. Its obvious to guess what they are, my favourite is survival so far, not because there’s anything wrong with story. with wings rearmed-03

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Armed with Wings Rearmed also has quite a good story behind it, you are as I understood, sort of banished by the evil villain and is forced to fight your way back to defeat him. For a game of its scale, the story is the perfect scope to allow purpose and immersion to flourish.

I have to be honest, the storyline is nothing revolutionary, but it’s more than enough to get the ball rolling for this game. with wings rearmed-05

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Audio tend to be overlooked by indie game developers and general cinematic creatives but this is not the case with Armed with Wings Rearmed. When I do a review, I tend to focus firstly on the audio to see the general quality of the entire game. I believe that a strong audio focus offers the undeniable boost to achieving the FLOW state for the gamer when complemented by the other game elements. I found myself almost completely immersed into the game during gameplay, the only thing that was holding me back was the lag produced by my dying laptop which I don’t normally review on. with wings rearmed-06

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Armed with Wings Rearmed is a very fun game to play and another hidden gem in the Steam spotlight early access. The fact that all this was made by a single developer is quite surprising as I have to admit it’s not a small game but seem rather complicated to produce. Then again, I know nothing about development so I could be wrong.

I enjoyed the game a lot and will be keeping watch for future updates.


To purchase the game:

To learn more from the developer: with wings rearmed-07

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