We reached out with Daniel Sun, the developer responsible for the indie game Armed with Wings Rearmed which we featured earlier, for some comments regarding the game.

What were your major inspirations for Armed with Wings Rearmed?
Armed with Wings draws inspirations from many of my favorite games, animations and stories. In terms of action, Rearmed is a mix of Smash Bros and Tekken – 2 of my favorite games ever!

Did the first installment to the game influence the outcome of the second game?
Rearmed is essentially a remake of the original Armed with Wings of 2008. The original game certainly has influenced the entire project, from the levels to the fighting system, and particularly the design constraint of ‘no jumping’.
Revisiting an old project has been an amazing experience, I find myself exploring new areas of design that greatly expand upon the original. Every new element added to Rearmed is guided by the original.

How did you approach development of the artistic style in the game? Did you pull inspiration from something else?
The art style found itself in many ways as the original game was a product of experimentation. I’ve always been fond of the monochromatic aesthetic – it naturally worked with Armed with Wings. Much of my animation reference came from Anime series like Bleach and Samurai Champloo as well as games like Smash Bros and Tekken.

What kind of audience do you think will enjoy your game?
2D platformer and speed-runner enthusiasts, I hope.

How are the reaction from the gamers so far?
Very positive! There’s already been a bunch of youtube videos covering the game and everyone one has enjoyed it so far. I’ve also received tons of suggestions, feedback and critics which will only serve to improve the game!

Is there anyone who you would like to mention that contributed to the development of the game?
My family and friends, as lame as that sounds =).

Was developing Armed with Wings Rearmed difficult to do alone? What were the major challenges that you faced.
It’s certainly been challenging but also super fun. It’s basically my dream project, where I can create naturally within my element. But it’s been very exhausting too! When I find time to sit and work, I’m left with little energy after already working during the day.

Where do you see the game in the near future? Are there any special surprises waiting for gamers?
Much of the feedback I’ve received so far has been in relation to combat – it seems that players want a deeper battle system. This is something I’m already addressing in the next update! There are other areas that need more fleshing out like having longer levels, more puzzles and more bosses. Players can also expect some super exciting new content that will blow minds – for now it stays secret.

Are there any new ideas that you would like to experiment in the game with future updates?
I’d like to experiment with additional game play modes / challenges. For example, a fast speed mode where everything moves x5 faster or a ‘random perk’ mode, where the player equipment is chosen randomly – something along these lines.

Do you plan on making new games soon or will you be focusing on developing Armed with Wings Rearmed for the mean time?
My working week is split between working on Rearmed and creating games at Dime Studios. Players should check out ‘The Ablockaypse’ – our Global Game Jam 2015 game.



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