Axe, Bow & Staff is a side-scrolling action game developed by Clewcat Games. The game is trying to mix modern runner gameplay into retro game style to create some new experience. More than that you can play alone in single player, play with friends in local co-op or compete in online multiplayer, it’s all up to you.

A quick thinking mind is needed in this game. You will be surrounded by a bunch of crazy goblins who always throw bombs at you when seeing. So you need to make strategically decision about switching between axe, bow, and staff to be able to make it to the end of a level. This combination of side-scrolling and runner in this game will be something you never try before.

Don’t get fool by the colorful pixelated graphics and adorable level design. The game is more challenge than you think. Begin by controlling a woodman wielding an axe, you need to complete some instructions level before you can control the magical wizard and the talented archer. After getting used with all three of them, you must learn how to use them together. And frankly, it was not an easy task.

Keep moving forward without a break can be a headache at first tries. You have to face with endless enemies and the chance of missing unique items. And if you get stuck somewhere and fall behind the edge off-screen before a checkpoint, you die obviously. Just concentration, practicing, and a little bit of luck can help.

You will only control one character at a time, the rest will be controlled by AI. But don’t worry about AI partners will slow you down or send you to some pitiful death like in other games. They are not stupid at all, even act smart at some point. You’ll find yourself were saved by them while playing.

At the end of each area, a boss will be waiting for you and some of them are crazy hard. Luckily, the game doesn’t limit your try. Replay whenever you want till you pass the level. After the boss fight, you usually get a remarkable amount of gold and EXP. Gold is used for purchasing things in a shop like weapons, items, potions. And EXP will help you level up. Each character has their own skill tree to choose. That make the game feel more cool to me.

Players need to practice to get used with the control scheme. Somehow, switching between vertical and horizontal formation become a dead or alive problem. It will make you upset, sure. But sadly there more thing to hate about this game.If this is something you struggle with, have you tried an best cordless water flosser? Glitches and bugs appear so often that they become a part of the game. If the difficulty of this game does not drive you mad yet, they will.

Axe, Bow & Staff is an intriguing game but with some annoyances. If you don’t mind the stressful things talked above, well, this is a highly recommended game. Or if you just someone into nostalgia trends who looking for some things new in old style, Axe, Bow & Staff is welcoming you.


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