I am a big fan of city building simulation games like Sims City, Cities XL & Cities Skylines, Banished has approached the genre in a different angle from the rest. In Banished you are still given the role of the creator however not of a large 21st century city but of a medieval village. The most impressive feature of the game is it’s micromanagement ability which enables you to focus on every detail of your little village. The visual appeal to the game is well crafted and many elements of the game is completely open source for fans to develop mod as they wish.

Ever wanted to run your own little village and grow it into a great empire one brick at a time? Banished is what you need to fulfill that little dream. Developed by Shining Rock Software who labels themselves as as independent game development studio, Banished is an indie game with great attention to micromanagement of the population.

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First Impressions

I bought the indie game a while ago and since then have poured in over 30 hours into game play. Banished is rather difficult to learn but unfortunately also quite difficult to master due to its extensive micromanagement system. Be prepared to dedicate a large amount of time to picking little details about your village because you will lose very quickly if you forget one small element of the game.

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Brave the seasons

Your worst enemy is the Winter, and your friends seem to be the other seasons, in Banished you must prepare and stockpile or else your population will perish in a multitude of ways. There are no threats of combat or physical encounters like animal attacks (as far as I know) but the weather is more than enough to put your village to its knees.

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Manage your people

The townspeople of Banished are born, educated & managed to work in 20 specific professions of your choosing. Town running out of food? build more farms and assign more farmers to work the land. The same principle applies for a large array of professions available as soon as the required infrastructures are built. All jobs in Banished outputs a useful resource for your town, many of which are required for the survival of your village like food, medicine & firewood while others caters for more luxury requirements like alcohol, tools & happiness (if this could be counted as a resource).

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In General

Banished is a great indie game that holds the same quality of development as all the other city simulation games. After the disappointment that was Cities XXL, it is welcoming to see other developers have banded together to fill in the gap left behind by Cities XXL. However I would argue that games like Sims City & Cities XXL are different from Banished in the respect that the former 2 games focus more on large urban cities with focus on growing the biggest city while Banished focuses more on growing a healthy & efficient population.

For those that enjoy city simulations, Banished will be an obvious choice if you are looking to up your game, be warned, Banished is much more challenging than previous city simulation games.

Find more about Banished at their website here.

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