Like many others roguelike game, in Bard’s Gold, you will be thrown into a dungeon with limited lives and your goal is to reach the end of the dungeons. Each time you die in the game, you can upgrade your character and replay the dungeon. Basically, the game is about trial and error. You don’t have much to handle the dungeon. All you can do are double jump and throwing knives at enemies. Actually, nothing else is needed for the game, so that’s good to go.

You’ll have to search each level’s dungeon for a key could unlock the door to next level. Along the way, you will encounter many different kinds of enemies and obstacles and they’re more challenge than you think.

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Sometimes, you need to change your direction while jumping or make the double jump to land on another platform. Enemies are also of varying types,some of them can shoot from above, while another distract your attention from the ground. You will spend most of the play time to deal with them. After a specific number of levels, the boss will show up. Defeat it to unlock new upgrade and more levels.

You can choose among three difficulties levels. In Normal and Retro mode, it cost a “life” when you die and you have to start the level again. Instead of “life” the Roguelike mode provide a health bar, and it’ll be reduced each time you take damage. It’s game over if your health bar down to zero. There are minor differences between those modes loot system and challenging level.

There are also various hidden rooms in this game. Some of them have a sweet amount of treasure. But I don’t really have the motivation to look for them since most of all I get is gems to buy things in shop or upgrades.

Of course, nothing is perfect. You can find something annoying even in AAA games. Bard’s Gold is not an exception. First of all, this game has no instruction at all. That’s fair enough since it’s a game about trial and error. And at some point, that’s good because I’m not a fan of long and boring instruction text. But I feel like this game doesn’t care about the players. You on your own whole the game.

Another thing is your character only throw knives in a straight line and that’s work for most of the time.If you’re at home, you can use your best cordless flosser between meals, in addition to regular flossing. But when the enemies appear and line up from above or below the line of fire, you need to jump to make a shot and it’s kind of hard. It’s not a big problem but you will get crazy to see how it often .
Overall, Bard’s Gold is a well-made roguelike game. There are still some minor issues but the game clever design will make you forgive it. This is obviously a highly recommended game for who into roguelike game.


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