Besiege Review

Steam spotlight games tend to be quite unprofessional and unpolished but besiege is a well made hidden gem. It’s also different from the large majority of games nowadays which is a welcoming innovation to the indie games scene.

You play as the siege engine designer where you construct powerful weapons of war to overcome various scenario based campaign missions.

The game is in pre-purchase mode and the developers have come up with a clever system where you pay according to how much content is available in game. You will get a great deal if you buy it now.

This game is currently in alpha.


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First impression
My experience so far is that it is a great concept. However it was quite confusing at first because the game basically threw you into the game and expect you to know what all the little blocks does. Of course it is still in alpha and because of that reason the game at the moment is in excellent shape with great promises to follow.

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I have huge respect for game developers who uses other graphics type other than ultra realistic rendering. This game utilises block graphics with a minimalist approach that compliment the nature of the game very well. I am unsure if this is intentional or it’s because of the stage the game is it but I hope they keep the art style the same.

Their approach to minimal graphics has also given room to concentrate on other areas of the game which includes their ultra slow-mo mode to let you watch your target(or your siege machine) break apart in beautiful slow motion hd. Similarly you can also speed up the game, but I personally avoid that as it’s difficult to see where the problem with your machine lies.


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The mechanic is simple, choose pre-designed blocks with unique functions and combine them together to make your dream killing machine come to life. And yes, you can make a giant penis, even one that is spewing miscellaneous fire liquid out the tip.

Once you get pass the penis machine phase you will start to experiment with traditional siege weapon designs like the trebuchet, catapult and ram. More advanced players will find themselves piloting Star Wars walkers and Apache helicopters through clever use of the games mechanics.

If I had to criticise the game then I would target the lack of things for you to destroy. But then again that is a little bit unfair at this point in their development to point that out.


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There is no story or at least that I can see. The games focus is not on story but rather the symphony of destruction. It seems almost the storytelling happens in the weapons the users create.

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Multiplayer & Co-Op
The game does not feature co-op mode and as far as I know never will so this is not applicable.

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The games soundtrack is however a little bit repetitive at times, the sound effects are great though.

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At this point in time, this game is probably the best buy I have ever made. It was cheap for what it is and will continue to be worked on by fantastic developers which is what I like about the steam spotlight program.

If they keep it in the same direction they are taking it then I would be more than happy to pay for a copy at full price.


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