Platformer but not quite a platformer is what I would use to describe Beyond Gravity the indie game. Beyond gravity picks elements from both platformers and the more modern genre of infinite runners. You don the role of our astronaut friend who hops from planet to planet while collecting nice shiny loot during the flight path. The game defies traditional physics hence why it is called beyond gravity, however gravity still play a major role in determining your success in the game.

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This game is available on Steam and this was how I played it. As usual it was played on my PC on a casual keyboard and mouse set up.

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First impression

The first thing you will notice about the game is its eye catching cartoon like visuals. Then if you are like me, you will accidentally throw yourself into endless space void by pressing down the left mouse button to find the controls. The indie game is very easy to grasp, essentially you only need your mouse to control the movement of your character. The planet spins and you choose the moment when you want your character to hop to the next planet. The trick is to collect all the loot, land safely and do it again fast to gain combo points.

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Simple mechanics, hard to master

I have to admit that the concept behind the game is very simple, but there’s nothing wrong with that. The game is actually quite difficult especially if you want to reach further distance and difficulties begin to ramp up. Beyond Gravity kind of reminds me of games like Jetpack joyride a little but it is a completely different game I assure you. I suppose it could fall into the similar category of infinite runners where in Beyond Gravity you hop instead of run.

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Re-playable but repetitive

Beyond Gravity focuses a lot on the ability to replay the game to push for breaking records, however the game might get boring very quickly for some. Albeit there are upgradable content, bought using coins earned by collecting as you hop through planets, but I personally feel these upgrades are too expensive to start with and are not enough to enhance gameplay.

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In General

Beyond Gravity is a very interesting indie game with a lot of merits of its own, the only problem I see with the game at the moment is that it does get a little bit repetitive the more you play it. The game does feature upgradable enhancement to vary game play experience slightly with every play through but I don’t feel that this is enough to make each new replay independently unique to the last.

It is important to note however, that on Steam the game have received mostly positive reviews (over 90% it seems) so Beyond Gravity is definitely not a poor game. If you are interested in what you see, you should check it out on Steam to see what all the fuss is about.

Beyond Gravity on Steam

Beyond Gravity on Qwiboo Ltd

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