Today we have for you Brutal Force, a unique top-down shooter experience that will have to button mashing to survive. Brutal Force is developed by Enterchained Game Studios and it is one of the fastest pace indie games we’ve ever played, rival only by Hotline Miami & Party Hard. It has received positive response from the Steam community with mostly positive reviews all around.

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This indie game was played via steam like always, keyboard and mouse.

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Fast paced & genuinely difficult

At least for me this game was relatively challenging to play straight from the beginning. The indie game throws you right into the heat of the action right away without any warning and you are left to figure out the buttons for yourself for a bit. However, the button mapping is very basic, mostly using the mouse for directional control and WASD for movement. The real difficulty comes when you encounter the level boss, I am unsure if this is intended or just because the indie game is still in development but the boss is damn difficult to kill. He is so hard that even if you manage to kill everything else without damaging yourself he will probably butcher you.

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Re-playable with interesting randomised maps

Though the game does feature different levels to progress, it is actually quite difficult to progress beyond the first level. As far as I understood it, the game features a sort of permanent death that forces you to start from scratch if you die at any point. This is fine as the game also features randomised maps and level design which makes each play through quite unique. What would be interesting is more variety of weapons and maybe even some sort of protection in the game as Brutal Force at the moment is very difficult to play (at least for me).

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In General

Brutal Force is a game with a lot of promise, it is definitely one of those rare hidden gem inside the Steam Green light program. We all know that Steam Green light is full of horrible and under developed indie games, we can assure you that Brutal Force is not one of these games. Though the indie game is still in development and is still in early access, it already holds a lot of strong points that will help the Enterchanined Game Studios grow and nurture it to something much bigger.

Brutal Force on Steam

Enterchained Game Studios website

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