Have you heard about the Bulb Boy? If yes, I wouldn’t be surprised, as the game was already exposed by a relatively large amount of game critics and video bloggers, including Pewdiepie. I have wasted my time for all kinds of things missing such a masterpiece, which I am sincerely sorry for now. So if you didn’t have a chance to play it yet- well, may be it’s time to do it as it is one of the most creative, cool designed and cute(!) horror games you will ever play. For sure.


Bulb Boy is 2D point & click kickstarter game, developed by polish indie-studio called Bulbware, which quickly gained its popularity and audience’s attention. So imagine a depressive black and toxic-green world where all it’s citizens are actually glass-made objects. The main character, Bulb Boy, appears to be a cute little child with a typical kid’s lifestyle and habits. Despite his monotonous world, which will make you feel definitely sad (which is an attribute of a good horror game, in my opinion), the boy is pretty positive about stuff happening around. One night he has a scary dream, which apparently comes true. So now it is up to Bulb Boy to fight the nightmare and save his family. In the game you will meet all kinds of unexpected monsters. There is even a giant turd. And it WILL scare you.

The game is easy, yet requires basic logical thinking. To proceed through the gameplay player needs to complete short tasks, which are easy to figure out and which are usually one location limited. I’ve noticed there is no dialog in the game, but the sound effects have really covered it up.


That’s it really, I would prefer not to give you anymore of details, as I can’t just spoil your gaming experience by telling too much. All I can say, Bulb Boy is awesome from almost all the sides of it: interesting and easy gameplay, good graphics, good sound effects and generally a whole new experience of a horror game. And, of course, it is scary. Not Amnesia kind of scary, but in a more relaxed form of it. So, if you want to tickle your nerves, but not piss yourself, you should definitely try this one, you won’t regret.

Available on Steam for $8.99

Here is a link to Bulb Boy’s official website

And here are the links to their social media profiles

Not quite convinced? Here are a few videos for you to see what it’s like!



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