Nowadays it’s difficult to be a gamer without knowing what call of duty is. The franchise has been stretched so far to its limit that it seems ridiculous how many sequels of the game already exists.

The new call of duty: advanced warfare is set in the near future where soldiers are equipped with Exo skeleton to help leverage combat abilities. This has given the players the power to jump insane heights and perform feats of super human caliber.


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First Impression

I am going to be honest, I loved the first few instalments of call of duty but the recent ones are a bit ridiculous to me. I found myself playing non-suit mode (vanilla mode) the majority of the time with a combination of infected gameplay.

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The visuals of the game is average at best when compared to games of its generation. Graphics seem to excel much more during single player/campaign mode with greater opportunity for visual expression.


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What is new is the Exo suit, enabling players to jump to new previously unreachable platforms which introduces a new element to game dynamic. Though it is a welcoming addition for some, I personally hated it. Too often will you find enemies crawling up behind you and it’s too difficult to predict where your enemies will be coming from.

The other elements of the game remains unchanged. Pick weapons, make custom loadouts and they still upgrade as you use them to land general kills or head shots etc.

Noob tube is still annoying and sniper rifles are still king.


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Using some reference to modern day military technology and fictitious futuristic military gadgets makes the game quite interesting to play. Thought I hated the suit in multiplayer it’s very tactile in single player.

The storyline though remains the uninteresting, good guy vs bad guy and zombies soon in the coming dlc.

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Multiplayer & Co-Op

It’s arguable that call of duty series is famous for its multiplayer mode. This new one reminds me a lot of DOOM, Quake, Halo and, more recently, Titanfall with its insane jump heights and tactical selection of super abilities.

Gun selection bare resemblance to the series, full-auto, semi-auto, burst-fire and single shot etc.

Co-op mode is up to 4 players, which is quite fun if you have friends to play with you, and soon there will be zombie mode too. The zombie game mode has always been the major attraction for me and I am sure many others enjoy it too.


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Music is acceptable in this instalment, nothing special to be honest.

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In general the game is enjoyable, lots of fun moments but the jumping is not for me. I personally ended up selling the game on eBay a few weeks later because I got bored.

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