As many other mobile games and its predecessor, Coin-Op Heroes 2 is a clicker game, in which, all you have to do is touch the screen to win. But the game still has something what makes it distinctive.

Coin-Op Heroes 2 describes an epic war of heroes against the evil. You get caught inside an arcade machine, where dominated by an evil force called Death Stalker. You must assemble your army to defeat the Death Stalker and bring peace to the land.

There are elements of strategy and RPG in this game. You can select four among many kinds of warriors to equip with you on the battle. You also have a powerful hero on your side. Heroes can significantly increase your damage and each of them has a unique skill to help you

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with your battle. They can add bonus gold to your income, fasten your army’s attack speed, or do an instant kill attack. And new warriors and heroes can be unlocked by collecting enough specific gold amount throughout the game.

The strategy side of the game at when you have to choose how to upgrade your heroes and warriors. Will you spend it all for your favourite hero or balance the strength of your army?

Then this game has a difficulty option. This meant the hardness of the battle will depend on you.See our list of the top 2018 electric dental flosser, with reviews and ratings to help you choose the best for your dental care!  You can enjoy being a badass on the easy level and let your army crush the monsters with no effort. Or choose a higher level where exact timing will be needed.

The game itself is fun and easy enough to play wherever you like. However, game’s retro pixel graphics can make some people pass it over, since players are got used to eye-catching graphics these day. But if you are into indie and retro games, you should give it a chance. Moreover, Coin Op Heroes 2 is completely free to download and play.

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