In the distant future, you don the suit of a colonial commando to complete your tour of duty…the clearing out of threats inside any assigned mission via your smart phone. The missions takes place on a top-down setting on moons, spaceships and even mining stations, basically a very sci-fi setting to enjoy. The first thing you will notice when you enter the game is the very iconic and stylish cel shading style they have going on with the graphics. No idea what cel shading is? Think Borderlands only from a top-down perspective (though they would rather call it “not really cel shading” but anyway).

According to materials found on the internet, the game was inspired by Alien, Outland, Total Recall and other similar games which I guess gave it the sci-fi settings. I am not entirely sure how much Borderlands influence the art style of this game, but they are definitely very similar on that aspect (which is a good thing if you are into dramatic cell shading look).

Decompression was actually on crowdfunding not so long ago, making it way to public eyes recently with the release of its promised game. It released as a free game with a few 5 star reviews on both the iOS store and the Android store. Though it is a free game, you have to bare with the ads on screen, but of course can pay to get the ads removed making it a freemium.

The game however doesn’t end just there yet, the mobile game is actually multiplayer and you have 1 of 3 game modes to choose from, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag. Seems simple enough.

The game was released on 26th September 2016 so it’s still relatively new. Developed by Sathra Games, expect this game to be a good hit amongst mobile games players. I think personally that this game has a lot of potential and is already a good amount of fun for a newly released game. There are some small issues, nothing too big and mostly related to controls, however these can be overlooked as it is a new game and should be addressed shortly.


Sathra Games Website

iTunes store download link


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