More juicy teasers from Bungie, this time with the Trials of Osiris reveal, a game mode that will be available in this up and coming Destiny House of Wolves. The video below features special community guest tripleWRECK playing a live game on Twitch in the challenging new crucible game mode.

Long story short, the Trials of Osiris seems to be a fancy name for cooperative death match. Respawns are an option but only through other team mates reviving you, allowing players to focus more on team work rather than heads on killing. This will be one of those crucible game modes that having a pre-arranged group of friends/teammate will shift the tide of the battlefield dramatically.

Notice as well that the players are level 34 which I guess will be the new max level of light to reach for.

That’s it for now, watch the video if you want a first hand look, it really is exciting and something to look forward to for the new Destiny House of Wolves.

Stay tuned for new updates within the coming days about the new DLC!


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