14/04/2015 – House of Wolves DLC dates to look out for.

More fancy announcement from Bungie, there seems to be 4 dates of interest to be looking out for.

It seems like the new end-game gear for the House of Wolves DLC has been inspired from Ancient Egyptian mythological beliefs and structures. I personally really love the white/gold combination, not entirely sure how that will play out in Crucible, not a huge fan of being a shiny beacon in Control games.

The Prison of Elders from the announcement seems like something that has potential to be a lot of fun.

Wednesday 22nd April – Walking tour of The Reef region and some comments on new upgrade path for gears.


Wednesday 29th April – Reveal of the Trial of Osiris end-game gear and gameplay.


Wednesday 6th May – Reveal of Prison of Elders, a new 3 player co-op arena mode.


Also, according to the official announcement there won’t be a┬ánew Raid! Let’s just hope they focus more on lore-building for this new DLC as we all know how loose Destiny’s storytelling is.

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11/04/2015 – House of Wolves DLC prologue video

Just some thoughts about the new House Of Wolves DLC prologue video.

It seems the video announces the opening up of The Reef region for guardians to go “hunt”.

DLC is dued May 19th, what do you think about this new DLC? Let us know in the comment section.


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