As a child, I loved to play games. When school was out, my friends and I would gather at someone’s house and get a good multiplayer game going. Some were competitive, and others were cooperative; it didn’t matter which we decided on because each game was filled with playful banter, exciting moves and the agony of defeat. As an adult, I still follow the gaming market quite closely, and I couldn’t be more pleased that local multiplayer games are coming back into popularity. There was a period where these games didn’t seem to be anyone’s priority any more. However, there have been some excellent titles released, and I am excited to see what the future holds. I recently found out about Dungeon League, and as I got into the game, I remembered why I enjoyed hanging out and playing these games with my friends so much.

Dungeon League is unlike anything on the market right now. You play competitively against your friends in ten-minute matches (give or take a few minutes), which means that you can go through several sessions in one sitting. Also, you can sit down for a quick game even when you don’t have a lot of time.


Dungeon League rounds go for two minutes a piece. If you want to win the match, you have to win three rounds. Your objectives change each game, as they are pulled from a list. For example, you may be challenged to get the Witches’ Eye, and if you are able to capture it for the longest, the round goes to you. There are two modes: free-play and tournament. In free-play mode, you can choose a character and practice with them in a low-stress environment. This is a great way to get better at the game and to get a feel for which characters you like the best.

There are a number of characters in the game. For example, choices include a rogue, a wizard, a warrior and a paladin. Each character is different and has a variety of attributes and abilities. When you begin a round, you have to select a team and then decide on a character. The same characters are available in each team; it is only the colour that changes. When you are on a team, you can have a team battle as well.


After selecting your character, you are awarded a stat point. You add this to your character’s abilities. This can be tricky because you cannot use all your abilities at the beginning, which means that you must think carefully about what you want to do. As you go through the game, you will level-up as long as you do well. You can then disperse more points as you go along. You also get some gold at the beginning of the game, which you can spend at the store. Your character is able to wield two items at a time, and the items you choose have an impact on how you fight.

While you must watch out for your friends in Dungeon League, you may face attack from various enemies as well. You must keep one eye out for traps, enemies, and of course, your friends if you want to win the game. It certainly becomes intense, with things flying at you from every angle as you attempt to escape.


Dungeon League is like nothing else out there. There is an element of dungeon crawling, along with the collecting of loot and the ability to level up. Add that to the competitive, multi-player environment, and you have a truly one-of-a-kind game. Because there are both enemies and other players to contend with, the game can be quite difficult but it is also very fun.


There is a lot planned for Dungeon League as well. I expect to see more game modes and additional objective modes for Tournament play. Ideally, the game will also add more spells, levels, items and characters, too. Particularly if you have a core group of buddies that you like to game with, Dungeon League is a good title to try out. The future should hold exciting things for the game as well.

Dungeon League on Steam

Dungeon League’s website

Not quite convinced? Here are a few videos for you to see what the game is like!


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