The makers of the Dead Island series, Techland, returns with another zombie post-apocalypse hit Dying Light. Long story short, the game is an excellent combination of zombie slashing, free running and crafting which comes together to create a uniquely bloody experience. Throughout the game, you find yourself equipped with various zombie survival weapons from the humble wrench to fully automatic weapons, but you will quickly learn that silence is a big part of your survival as the hordes of zombies rely heavily on their degraded sense of hearing.

Dying Light is also an open world game, and the way the developers scattered loot throughout the maps really immerse you into the character’s shoes. Its quite obvious that looting is a major part of any zombie apocalypse plot but looting in Dying Light is slightly better than the rest as you also find ingredients for crafting to make yourself the sharpest of machetes.


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First Impression

Dying Light starts off alarmingly difficult and scary as you are thrown straight into the deep end with your first mission. Dispatching of zombie is tough work at the beginning, 3-4 hits to the head and they are still charging at you with all their teeth sharpened and ready to turn you into dinner. I personally found myself hiding on rooftops and avoiding the ground completely, but of course even that is not 100% safe.

Stealth becomes a huge factor at night when the real zombies come out to play with you. The game quickly resembles a cat and mouse game where you try to frantically crawl your way back to a safe spot or complete a night-only mission. Not going to lie, the first time I was sent to do a night mission, I was pretty damn scared.


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In general, the graphics is excellent considering that this is an open world game. There were bits that was laggy, especially when running through the city but this is completely understandable if you consider the number of zombies the game has to load up for you. I had my game running on my PC on a Windforce Gigabyte 980 GPU so the experience may vary slightly on consoles and other configurations.


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The game’s attention to detail to combat is cringe worthy as you start climbing up the equipment ladder. Beheading is a common feature when fighting both zombies and other humans, and it gets better as you equip yourself with higher damage weapons. Like mentioned above, guns are discouraged in Dying Light as they cause too much noise, but they too cause a ridiculous amount of destruction on your enemy. I even found that sometimes when I do the dropkick (which are amazing by the way) the zombie’s head would explode from the force of my feet landing on its chest. If you are a bit sadistic like me, you will love the gore in this game.

The upgrade mechanics is straight forward like you would expect from a crafting game, collect this, collect that put it together and tada!

It also features a level system and skill points system which most of us are already familiar with. The skills are split into 3 different groups, Agility, Power and Survival Rank each giving you different perks as their names would suggest.


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The plot is quite good, with its own twist and turns. One moment you trust someone, the next you are sent to take them down. What’s really interesting about this game is that it doesn’t only focus on the action bit of the game but rather also the emotional side of a potential zombie apocalypse. Your wife might turn, your children might come home all bitten up and this is conveyed very well through various side missions.

The core storyline is good, but where the game really shines is in its side missions. Unlike other games, where side missions are a chore and consist of cutting down rows of enemies or go collect something for someone, in Dying Light the side missions are long, well thought out and, like just mentioned, can be an emotional roller coaster.


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Multiplayer & Co-op

Multiplayer is integrated straight into the core game itself much like that of Watch Dogs. You have the option to select if you want to allow strangers to come in playing as an uber steroided zombie to hunt you down or you can turn that all off and enjoy a good session of zombie slaying with up to 3 of your friends.

I have to say that the Co-Op networking in this game deserves a special mention as for some strange reason my friend playing from half way around the world experience no lag what so ever. That’s right, NO LAG. I know right? WITCH CRAFT!

However, apparently the uber steroided zombie is too over powered for one person to handle and is optimal to experience with two people. Four might tip the scale too much for the poor zombie.


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I will have to give this a buy, run to your local store immediately and buy it.

If you are not quite the fan of zombie slaying then maybe its worth spending some times to look up game play videos to get convinced. This game is too good to miss and honestly its worth every thing you spend on it. Just don’t buy their £250,000 collectors edition…


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