Echoes of Aetheria begins with a very familiar pattern in JRPG. Two empires have decided to form a bond of friendship by a royal marriage. But a mysterious group sabotaged the wedding and kidnapped the bride. Our hero Lucian must go on a trip to rescue the bride and uncover the evil conspiracy behind the act. Maybe it sounds a bit like Super Mario, but the game is much more sinister than you think. Let’s take a look at this interesting turn-based action RPG indie game.

At first, there is only Lucian on the trip, but two more will join him soon enough. An engineer guy called Ingrid, which somehow looks like a sidekick, and Soha, a beautiful and mysterious woman. They all have their own special skill and a corresponding skill tree to power up their abilities. Together, they will search for the ugly truth after the crime.

I was surprised to find out that the game has a crafting system. You can create customised weapons and armours for your team of three. After a few tries, you will know how to make stronger equipment by using different materials found while exploring.

Personally, I think the game’s combat system looks a bit like Final Fantasy’s one, but that’s a good thing only as I believe there is no tactical turn-based game that can make it better than Final Fantasy. Your characters will have enough room to show off their powers You can form your party beforehand to reduce the chance of replaying the level again.

The control scheme is responsive and simple. Both keyboard and mouse are available and you can use either of them. You can move around by using WASD keys or by clicking on the destination.

There are no sidequests in Echos of Aetheria. You will have missions in the campaign and each of them tells another part of the story. You can choose among three difficulties to start for each level. Playing through the tutorial is recommended. You need to know for sure what level to choose, so that you don’t feel like the game is too hard when playing the campaign. And there is no exaggeration in this statement at all.

Echos of Aetheria encourages players to explore the game. You can receive some surprise gifts after talking to specific NPCs. If you are one of these real RPG hardcore gamers, than you probably know that talking to as many people (other players) as possible is always a must. They can give you rare items, Experience points or a very important instruction.

Get yourself a copy of Echoes of Aetheria and enjoy the story about loyalty and betrayal. RPG fan will definitely love this game. However, not so much of a fan will still find this game as an enjoyable adventure. Let’s go!


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