Eco is a global surviving indie game which is currently featured on Kickstarter, the game bares a strong resemblance to Minecraft, so if you a fan you will probably love Eco too. However with that said, the game is definitely an improvement on the Minecraft (and many of its duplicates), read on and you will find out why. The indie game is being developed by a team of indie developers from Strange Loop Games. The developers possess a solid game developing experience, their previous projects include such big titles as Lord of the Rings for Playstation, Microsoft Holo Lens, Dark Knight for console and many others.

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A familiar block world

The world of Eco is a 3D environment with bright colourful visual appeal and attention to details. I’m personally attracted to colours, so the game promises to be a fun experience. More than that, the game’s blocky appearance creates a unique art style that leaves development room for the more technical aspects of Eco, which I personally think is actually the important bit about this game.

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Community driven world

This is an indie game where you are a creator and a leader of everything located around you. Most simulation games have focus on one or few particular feature which you can manage. What makes a difference here is that in Eco you are basically a creator and leader of everything around you. The game has big multiplayer section to develop your world, sooner or later you will need to collaborate with other players. The features of the game make this happen anyway you can build and manage not just your house or garden, but together with other players you can create governments, support commune economic system, create laws and make important decisions for humanity. Before creating your city you will need to gain some skills, such as building, farming, gardening and harvesting. Below have listed some of the most important game play features in my opinion:

1)Environment: You need to manage the environment and discover sources from it to eat, consume, build and invent. be careful here as taking too much of natural resources will negatively affect your world. Everything just like in real life (carbon footprint!).
2)Economy in Eco allows players to sell goods and services. The indie game allows you to create specialisations and labour contracts, and these could lead to building a rich & sustainable economic model.
3) Technologies and knowledge: To achieve greater goals in world construction you will need to learn so you can access new technologies. In the beginning you will get access to few technologies. To unlock more technologies players need to perform research tasks. After researching you create a “knowledge object’, which you can share with other players. On the other side, other players can give you access to their knowledge objects.
4)Laws: In Eco you can create new laws. The trick here that this feature is available only for those who propose laws supported with scientific data they take from environment.
5)End of the World: There is always a chance that a meteor may strike the Earth, that’s where you and other players will need to come up with a cooperative decision. To save the world you will need to use your knowledge to, perhaps, create a technology which will save the world. Hint: only large groups will be able to overcome these scenarios.

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If you are interested in playing Eco, I recommend you to check Strange Loop Games’ website first as well as visit their Kickstarter campaign which have raised the money they wanted already with 2.753 backers but there’s always stretched goals!

I personally think that the game is quite unique, and it would be very interesting to try it out, I only fear it may be too addictive!

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