First order of business, elephant riding! Hell yes you want to! You can even ride it into battle, equip a bow and arrow and embody a battle sequence from Lord of the Rings…at least that’s what I did.

In Far Cry 4, the latest installment of the Far Cry series, you are thrown into a chaotic society where you are forced to save your heritage or watch as an insane bad guy slaughter your people.

The game takes place in an area close to the Himalayas with many missions actually going up to some heights of the Tibetan mountains, which I thought was pretty cool.


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First Impression

Instinctively I went straight for the bow and arrow but unfortunately the basic bow is pretty difficult to use. Once you get the hang of it though, it will be a lot of fun.

Stealth is a big part of the game, players get awarded bonus points on most side missions for stealthiness and being unnoticed with some mission having 100% stealth requirements.

You will instantly notice the beautiful scenery that compliments the game extremely well.

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The graphics is absolutely beautiful in Far Cry 4. All textures are very well designed with a lot of attention to detail to environments and vehicles; especially explosions and killing blow animations are extremely satisfying to perform.

The wild environment is also painstakingly  scattered with a large variety of animals for you to hunt and loot. All of which provide their own unique set of challenges to take down. Unfortunately, yes you do have to hunt red listed animals to progress on the game.


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Like most open world game nowadays, stealth seems to be a big part for a fulfilling game time but Far Cry 4 also balances out for those that want to go in loud. I sometimes get bored of the quiet approach and run into outposts firing emptying clips left and right which is a lot of fun. However to achieve full Gold ranking in the challenge then you do need to do it quietly, not get noticed and not activate backup/ring the alarm.

Fast travel is a big bonus to the game as travelling back and forth towards outposts can be a pain after a while. On top of that, parachutes and wing suits are also extremely useful methods of transportation around the game map.

Legendary weapons can be overpowered towards the end of the game, with one weapon in particular (The Buzzsaw if I remember correctly) being a game breaker for me. The game was ruined the moment I unlocked it.


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Far Cry 4 actually has quite an interesting story compared to most games I’ve played. But I am unsure if its the story that’s interesting or its the interesting bad guy that makes it seems interesting to watch. A bit of a spoiler but if you’ve played Far Cry 3 you will find that the villain in this new far cry is quite similar.

You are given important game changing choices multiple times in the game but it seems like these don’t have a big permanent change in the course of the game leaving you feel insignificant in some way.


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Multiplayer & Co-Op

Co-op mode is fun, but it seems like it was basically playing the same game with friends, which in its own essence is a welcoming touch.

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Sound is very well designed, the sound scape in Far Cry 4 is extremely well crafted. Music was also well done and captures what seems to be the cultural mood of the theme of the game very well.

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In general Far Cry 4 lives up to its award winning franchise expectations. Much like Far Cry 3, it stands out for its beauty and interesting cultural touch which few other games dare to venture into, in fact the only other franchise which I can think of is Uncharted.



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