If you are into retro and you like a bit of fur in the next, then Fur Guardians should be your next download. You play as a 16 bit furry character travelling through a platformer world defending it from beasts born of the Realm of Chaos. Seems simple enough right?

This game was developed by Andrew M. Martin and if I am not wrong it is his first game. Pretty damn good for a first game in my opinion, and we see a lot of “first time” game developers here. The reviewers in the Android store also seem to generally agree with some small pointers, after all no one is perfect right?

The game is free so why not try?

Top this off with player customisation, yes you can build your very own furry little creature, and yes you can use it to defend the world. More icing on top, you can unlock upgrades and power ups and all sorts of improvements to make your furry character that much more…furrious? (the spelling mistake is intentional DUH!)

This game is available on the Android and have scored decent number of installs since its release. It has also gathered quite a number of 5 star reviews so that is always a good sign right?

From my experience with this game, though it has potential to be a very good game, it is very easy. This ultimately makes the game a little bit boring quick. I can see that some reviewers are agreeing on this same comment as well, but it is definitely not a bad game at all. In my completely bias opinion, I think if this game is a little bit more challenging it will be a lot more fun and addictive. Especially at the later levels where naturally it should be progressively harder, it doesn’t feel harder at all.


With that out of the way, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try the game, being a furry little creature and defending your world platformer style is something that is quite unique. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely not a bad game, not at all. This game has a lot of potential, I just feel that it should be a little bit harder at least for me.

Another thing that people seem to complain about is that the controls are a little bit unresponsive, I personally did not have this issue.

If you want to check out Fur Guardians, you can find it below:

Android Store to make your very own furry hero

Fur Guardians website

Facebook where all the furry guardians handout

Twitter for all the other furry guardians



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