Many people tend to believe that gaming is incredibly vain and a waste of time. But actually, that’s not so true. According to studies we mention below, gaming affects players’ educational and mental levels positively.  So if you are strongly against gaming take a look below – we have outlined some of the most notorious benefits of playing games on a regular basis in our article.

Gaming helps to improve eyesight

Research done by scientists at the University of Rochester Daphne Bavelier (USA) (1) has pointed out that gaming helps to improve vision by making players more sensitive to the changes in light shades. This is known as contrast sensitivity.

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Enhances creativity

The study conducted on 500 children from Michigan State University (USA) (2) was published in 2011 proving gaming helps to increase kids’ creativity level significantly.

However, activities that involve using smart devices, computers (for other than gaming purposes), internet surfing and social networks browsing did not show a corresponding result in enhancing creativity.

Increases assurance

Studies from experts from the University of Rochester (New York) (3) show that children who play games regularly are more assertive than other children of the same age with the same level of accuracy and perfection.

Further analysis found that children who play fast-paced action games are usually physically faster and more mature than those kids that prefer slow-paced games (like strategy games).

But the slow pace strategy games can change the behaviour of us, making us more rational and calm in the real world.

Improves brain activity

According to Scientific Reports (4), long-time gamers (and especially the players of action games) have higher cognitive abilities comparing to groups of short-time gamers.

Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scientists found that gamers have a higher attention span. Moreover, eye–hand coordination skills are noted to be enhanced.

Speeds up reaction time

Researchers have suggested that action games are the most assertive type of games as they normally involve player’s choice and appropriate reaction.

Develops communication skills

A survey (5) carried out over one thousand of gamers of Twitch indicated that gamers could build good relationships with friends, relatives and family. Besides, they also have more equitable perception of gender equality and they tend to prefer to work full-time.

Therefore, it can be said that Twitch’s study has completely refuted the social prejudice of gamers as being naive, shy, and non-communicative.

Developing skills in children

Exposure to video games at a reasonable age can help children to develop interaction, adaptation and problem-solving skills early. These are extremely useful for the learning and working processes in adulthood. Besides, gaming also encourages curiosity, creativity and imagination. The activity also found to help to produce serotonin hormone naturally, reducing the feeling of stress and anxiety.

Gamers have the ability to control dreams better

Did you know yet about the negative impact of the computer screen at night? Well, we bet you didn’t know games help to control gamers’ dreams and minimise nightmares – according to research by Grant MacEwan University (6) (Canada).

Some studies have shown that players have the ability to be more conscious while dreaming-meaning they can easily control what happens in their dreams.




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