The Fleeca Job Guide


Lester throws you straight to the deep end with the first mission by asking to utilise your bank robbery skills. Strangely this first heist is a 2 man job, not 4 man like the rest of the heist update.

You have to be a minimum of level 12 to start a heist. I started at level 23 and got the call from Lester shortly after I logged on.

Lester will ask you to join him in his garment factory, introduced to use in single player, which should appear as an L on your map. After a short introduction Lester will send you on your way and promises he will be in touch for some scores he wants to set up.

Drive around for a bit with a buddy and prepare to receive a call from Lester, of which he will tell you he has redecorated one of your rooms into a planning room. Return to your home to start your first heist.

NOTE: Whenever your house is GREEN it means that you have an active Heist mission waiting.

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The Fleeca Job Guide – Scope Out (Heists Setup 1)

First set-up is quite easy, you basically have to go scout out the bank. After you have found your second player by which ever means you choose Lester will accompany your crew to the Fleeca Bank on the highway next to the sea.

Player 1 – This is the driver, you will have to drive to the bank and listen to Lester explaining the heist, then after you have reached the checkpoint outside the bank, you wait as Lester continues to talk. Then you drive back to the warehouse to switch cars and pick up Paige, Lester’s assistant, and head back to the garage.

Player 2 – This is the player riding shotgun, your role is a bit different. You have to ride shotgun for a while, listening to Lester and then he will send you a hacking app which you need to practice during the ride. Complete the 3 levels by following the instructions. After that has been completed, just ride shotgun until you have to switch cars and head back to the garage with the whole crew.

Lester will tell you that you are robbing a safety deposit box inside Fleeca Bank, requiring a Driller and a Driver, a basic 2 man job.

You get paid the moment you enter the garage and Set-up 1 is done.

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The Fleeca Job Guide – Karuma (Heists Set-up 2)

This next one is a bit more complicated and exciting, it involves borrowing a bullet proof car from the local Korean gang in Little Seoul. Expect resistance.

Paige and Lester will start by setting up the heist board for you, explaining to you how things work and will work for this heist.

You then have to select your outfit and then head off on your way.

You will find yourself heading to the top of a multi-story garage, once you enter the garage put on the mask by pressing left on the d-pad and drive up.

Obviously, kill anyone who disagrees with your request to borrow the car (Hint, that’s everyone on the top floor).

Take the car and drive back, the Koreans will try to stop you but keep driving because you are in a bulletproof car. Passenger, feel free to shoot enemies, but honestly its better just to let the driver focus on driving fast.

Drive back to Lester’s factory and get paid.

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The Fleeca Job Guide – Finale (The Heist)

This is the part we all have been waiting for, our first heist. However, you won’t be able to start until the host player (you) receives a message from Paige on your phone. Once you got that, invite the other player and get familiar with the whiteboard in your planning room.

The take for this job is $115,000, a humble amount for small time criminals looking to get into the big leagues. The host’s set up cost will be $11,500, which is a one off fee for starting this particular heists. As the heists get more complicated you will have to start to pay more to start it, but that’s for future heist guides.

I normally do 50-50 cut, but that’s entirely up to your arrangement with the other player.

One player is the Driller and the other is the Driver.

Select your clothes quickly and lets get this party started.

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The Driver – Your job is to… You drive to the bank, while Driller hacks the vault door and opens it, and then follow him/her inside, take out the 4 cameras and perform crowd control on the bank staff and customers. DO NOT kill anyone as that is an INSTANT failure. You can do warning shots though, making sure to keep the clerk behind the counter intimidated. Watch the meter on the bottom-right of your screen.

When the Driller is finished and has accessed the deposit box, both leave immediately and into the car. You drive off and follow the marker to the bridge where you will meet your last contact, the escape guy. What to do here is obvious and awesome, find out for yourself.

Below is a short breakdown of the steps:
– Drive to the Fleeca Bank
– Wait for Driller to hack into the bank vault and open it
– Enter the bank with your Driller and shoot out the 4 cameras
– Keep everyone intimidated, special attention to the Clerk and the meter on the bottom right of your screen
– Leave when Driller has got the deposit box
– Drive to the bridge and rendezvous with your escape route

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The Driller – Your job is to hack into the Fleeca bank vault during the drive there and complete 3 challenges similar to the ones Lester provided during the first set-up mission. Once the bank vault has been opened, enter the bank with your buddy and head straight for the vault. The deposit box is located at the far end of the vault.

Initiate drilling and use left stick up to push the drill in and R2 to drill. Be careful NOT to overheat the drill as it will slow you down a lot. It does take a little bit of getting used to on the first go. There are 4 levels of locks you have to destroy with the drill, once done grab the loot and GTFO.

Get in the car and enjoy the rest of your ride, hope you picked a good getaway driver.

Below is a short breakdown of the steps:
– Get in the passenger seat and hack the vault door
– Complete 3 hacking challenge and wait until the driver has arrived at Fleeca Bank
– Open up your phone and activate the app on the bottom-right corner.
– Head in and run past everyone and into the far-end of the vault
– Start drilling using Left-stick up and R2. DONT overheat.
– Destroy 4 levels of locks, grab loot and GTFO.
– Get into the car and pray your driver knows what he is doing.

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If everything goes well, both players should find themselves in a cut scene outside Lester’s factory. Lester will take the deposit box and give you your reward.

Congrats, you are now a bank robber.


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