The Prison Break Guide


So you made it past the unofficial qualifying round of GTA Heists? Next up you get a taste of 4 player Heist, similar to the previous 2 man heist but with much more complications and complexities.

In this GTA 5 Online Heist, you are sent by a “Friendly Stranger” called Agent 14 to go pick up his client, Maxim Rashkovsky from inside the Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Yes, the fully guarded prison that fires missiles at you if you enter too close to its airspace.

Like the last heist, expect a call from Lester soon after you have completed The Fleeca Job. Again, same as the previous heist, you go to your Planning Room, in your house, to start the Heist.

The leader must cough up $40,000 to host the Prison Break. Before you begin, you need to find 2 more players if you are jumping straight from Fleeca.

I recommend using this “Looking for Heist web tool” to find your crew, this will save you a lot of time.

Pictures are coming soon.


The Prison Break Guide – Plane (Set-up 1)

First thing to do is steal a plane from a bunch of gangsters. You will be asked to go to McKenzie Airfield where you will be confronted with a lot of guns, and more will come as you cut them down. Keep shooting from cover and watch your back.

A few tips:

– Go in from the end of the run-way that way you don’t get flanked as often by enemy reinforcements.

– One of the most efficient way is to get a bullet-proof car and stack all 4 players inside. Drive around and shoot out from inside the car.

When everything is clear, the pilot player must fly the plane to another storage hangar where the plane will be ready for the actual prison break.

The remaining team members must leave the airfield to complete the mission.


The Prison Break Guide – Bus (Set-up 2)

Second order of business, steal a prison transfer bus. As soon as you leave the house, get in different cars and head to the bus location. When the bus has been contained by what ever measure you see fit, one player must drive it.

Then all players must lose their wanted levels. The hard part about this is the bus is super slow and clunky as you would expect. Meaning the bus driver will have a hard time losing the cops.
There’s really no tip here, but maybe try going off-road will help, but prepare yourself for a bumpy ride.

When all wanted levels have been dropped, start heading to the delivery point but be careful as if a police cruiser spots you, the bus driver will get another star.

Deliver the bus and let’s get to the next set-up.


The Prison Break Guide – Station (Set-up 3)

Great news for you, this mission is the toughest yet. This mission requires some coordination and communication so a microphone would come extremely handy here. I personally always require my crew to have mics.

In this mission, the crew must split into 2 teams to tackle 2 different objectives.

Police Team – You must steal a cruiser, lose wanted level(s) and go into the police station (stealthily) and steal the bus transfer files. The best way to get a cruiser is to gain one wanted level and run towards one of the police car blips, or else you can look forever and won’t find one plus you are going to have to kill the previous occupants of those police cruisers anyway. Another good way is to call the police to your location and take them out.

Once that is complete, deliver it to the planning room and you will have an option to go help the other team, depending on who finished first.

Cargo Ship Team – This one is a bit easier in my opinion, basic go in and gun them all down gameplay. Make your way through the boat, cutting through any enemies that look like they might shoot (which is basically everyone on the boat).

Get to the marker and open the lock by shooting the container. This will initiate a cut scene as you get in the vehicle. Just drive straight forward and off the boat on to the loading area of the port. Keep driving and don’t stop for the enemies, you might get a wanted star so you will need to lose that first before you can deliver the car.


The Prison Break Guide – Wet Work (Set-up 4)

This is the last set-up mission in the series and this is harder than the last one. Again requiring coordination as the teams are split into 2 again.

A bullet-proof car is extremely handy for the City Hall team here.

You will need to take out 2 targets, one a business partner of our Professor friend and the other is a pair of lawyers related to the Professor’s case. Just some work to clean up loose ends since our client did pay very well.

Quite obvious that 2 player needs to go for the business partner and the other 2 takes the lawyer.

Mansion Team – You will go to the business partner’s mansion, conveniently guarded by lots and lots of muscle for hire. You will have to use the stealth approach in this part, or else the target will run and you will have to run after him to take him down.

Once the target is dead, get in a very fast car and GTFO + lose the cops.

City Hall Team – Get on the roof and wait for the 2 lawyers. Once they get out of their car, you will need to coordinate with each other to take them down simultaneously. One takes left, one takes right and then countdown for example.

Now, here is the annoying bit, once the lawyers have been downed, the police will start collecting in the area like flies. Enough to kill the both of you very quickly but that’s where the bullet proof car comes in if you have one.

Once the lawyers are dead, run downstairs and get in the car and drive into the flock of police and next to the briefcase. Get as close as you can, even next to the door you are planning to exit from will be best. Get the briefcase and get back in before you die.

If you don’t have a bullet-proof vehicle then a fast car would do, but let the passenger get out rather than the driver because you have 1-2 seconds as the passenger gets in to start moving.

Lose the cops and deliver the files. Now you are ready to pick up the professor.


The Prison Break Guide – Finale (The Heist)

All that hard work you just put it in to set this up is about to pay off but you still got one more big hurdle to jump through before you get your reward.

Now, there is an achievement at the Heists planning board to be earned. If you set the payoff of each player to be even split (25% each) then you will get an achievement at the end. I always set it at 25% anyway, after all they are making progress for your heist and not their own. 40/20/20/20 works equally fine for those who wants to cover their costs as well.

Ground Team (Prisoner & Prison Transfer Officer) – The plan is to get 2 players, 1 playing a prisoner the other player the Prison Transfer Officer to head into the prison, shoot it up and rescue the Professor. Once the VIP has been secured, make your way back out the prison by shoot at NOOSE officers. Use those covers, especially the player playing the Prisoner role as you might only a pistol with you.

One solution to help ease the clearing process is for the Prison Officer player to drop a gun for the Prisoner player. Don’t forget to drop some ammo too. Also do this as soon as possible.

Once you have finished clearing the prison, collect the Professor and head outside to be greeted with an extremely convenient armoured truck waiting for you. I guess it was from the NOOSE agents who entered the prison complex to take you down. Anyway, take the armoured truck and tell your pilot that you are heading out of the prison. The more you update your team the better.

Make your way to McKenzie Airfield and hopefully the plane is waiting for you, expect a lot of police at this point as you will be under the pressure of a maximum wanted level threat. You don’t want to enter the airfield too early as it will crowd the whole place with police making it extremely difficult for the Pilot to take off again, not to mention threat from helicopter damaging the plane.

This part is where the Demolition player comes in handy, at this point in the Heist, the demolition player should have a helicopter with the ability to shoot rockets. He/she should be providing enough air support to make your life a lot easier.

Once the plane has landed, get into the plane with the VIP and enjoy the rest of the ride.

The last part to this mission for both the Prisoner & Prison Transfer Office players is to do a parachute jump. This jump deserves a special mention because you would be surprised how many people die from hitting the rocks on the beach. Land in the water before the beach if you don’t want to have to do the whole heist again.

The demolition player should be close behind and should be landing on the beach to pick up the whole team.

Please do not run into the chopper blade…

Ride your way to your reward.

Pilot – Meanwhile 1 player must play the pilot who is the escape route, this player will get made as stolen half way through flight and must evade some jets attempting to shoot it down. AVOID flying near the prison airspace as you will get attacked.

This player then needs to communicate with the ground team in the prison for when they need pick up. When the ground team has left the prison with the VIP start making your way for a landing at McKenzie Airfield near to the prison and wait.

The optimal time to do this is when you see the armoured vehicle approaching the runway, you want to be picking the VIP up at about half way down the main runway. Of course situations can change depending on the number of police in the area, so just pick the most suitable area for the team by communicating with each other.

Once the VIP is on board, take off and start heading to the marker. This should give you plenty of time to lose the police but watch out for helicopters spawning randomly in front of you.

Once you have reached the designated area, you will be forced out of the plane by the professor as he greets you farewell.

Pull the parachute chord early and please land in the water before the beach or else you risk hitting the rocks…I know because I did it.

Also watch out for the chopper blade…

Demolition – And finally the demolition, last but not least of course. Your job is to provide protection for the general operation, however your first objective is to take out the bus that is carrying the real prisoner to Bolingbrokes.

Then you will have to go and get yourself the helicopter which comes equipped with missiles. This is your crown jewel as you will be the air support for both the pilot as he/she gets chased by the jets and the ground team when they are making their escape.

Take out as many helicopters as you can as these will be the most problematic for the operation, your next priority is the vans and police ground vehicles. Keep the airfield as clear as possible when extraction is happening.

When the plane has left the airfield, head in the same direction as the plane and dodge the incoming police helicopters. It says to protect the plane but don’t shoot the helicopters as it will reset your wanted level counter. Best just to let it die out and finish the heist faster.

Once the other players have parachuted out, start making your way for a landing on the beach and wait for the players to get on. When everyone is on, now you take off and ride back to the city.

Enjoy the ending cinematics as you are all now fully qualified bad asses.


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