Are you a fan of blowing things up? Do you like race at fast speeds? well then GRIP is here to fill in the shoes. Inspired by the Rollcage, GRIP aims to stir things up with a modern improvements to shake the racing combat genre. GRIP is also another indie game in kickstarter, as of the moment of writing they are just shy of $150,000 (Canadian Dollars) and are asking for a total of $500,000 USD with stretch goals to afterwards.

GRIP-indie-games-review-pixele-empire (1)

Mobile destruction on an exquisite scale

There’s something so elegant about machine guns on wheels, a simple ballistic destruction will send projectiles flying in GRIP as illustrated in the Gifs provided. I feel that this paves way for an engaging experience that will keep every player on the edge of their seats.

GRIP-indie-games-review-pixele-empire (3)

Beautiful level design

Another thing that must be noted is how beautiful the tracks seem to be. It is promised that when the game is released it will contain a lot of attractive locations setting on a range of planets, each with its own theme and challenges.

GRIP-indie-games-review-pixele-empire (2)

That’s only the start of what GRIP has to offer, if you want to read more please visit the link provided below and maybe drop them some money too! GRIP Kickstarter


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