Do we have a game for you today, straight out of release, Graphite Labs introduced to the world their latest game, Hive Jump, yesterday. My first impression instantly reminds me of Halo VS Hive only this is in 2D and is so so much more fun with the coop feature.

The game itself can support up to 4 JUMPERS (a soldier of the J.U.M.P. corps) sent to save the universe from the Hive spawn one ugly-ass planet sized infested nest at a time. Of course, with any insectoid inspired alien, they must be subterranean, making the game feel extremely claustrophobic. As if that wasn’t enough, the levels are procedural generated, which means you have no idea what’s around the corner.

Its not just the monsters that you have to avoid, there are also traps and bosses that will keep you from achieving your goal. However, you have a special jetpack like thing that will help you traverse the terrain with ease giving you a high level of mobility.

The best part about this game however is the 4 player support, I got my wife and 2 other friends to come play and damn it was a good 5 hours session (of course followed by pizza and movies). This game is perfect for friendly LAN parties that are looking for a fun alternative. It is also suitable for families with older kids who are looking for a bonding experience, especially if you want to portray yourself as cool dad/cool mom.

The weapons are completely up-gradable so you can progress and upgrade within the game environment. It can go from pulse rifles to flamethrower to even a number of experimental bombs that have been barely tested by the military yet!

Overall I feel this game utilises the classic plat-former style with the modern run n gun very well. Blending in the coop mode we have one hell of a game for your local LAN parties making this game extremely addictive. So soon after release and already performing very well on Steam, I think it’s safe to say this is one of the games we will be watching in the near future.

The game is early access at the moment and the content is subjected to change. Not everything in this feature will be correct in the future when things get updated!


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