For people like me who don’t have much time to play games, a simple, fun, relaxing and can-play-anywhere mobile game is always the best choice. And Hyper Blaster is a game like that.

Hyper Blaster is an arcade shooter for iOS. Playing as a weaponised monkey, your job is to defend yourself against endless waves of enemies slowly popping up from anywhere in the arena, and to gain as many points as you can.

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One man development team Combopunk ( tried to make their game different from other two-stick-shooter games by inputting 3D voxel graphics and their new control system. The graphics look bright and colourful and the colour theme changes each time you play. I found voxel art characters cute and the game pretty cool in general.

However, not only the look defines a game. Let’s talk about the gameplay now. The gameplay is quite simple: all you should do in Hyper Blaster (as well as many other arcade shooter games) is to move, to shoot and to collect temporarily upgrade firepower. With a high score, you can unlock more awesome characters and turbo mode for higher points. The A.I is good enough to make you feel challenged, but the most challenging part of the game comes from its unique controls.

Usually, in an arcade shooter game, the player is able to move and fire at the same time, and things not like this in Hyper Blaster. You touch the screen to move your monkey and hold to fire your enemies. Actually, the new controls system are easy and simple to use but the problem is that when you’ve chosen where to go with a tap, you can’t quit until you reach your place. Obviously, you will die if an enemy suddenly appears on your way. And that’s the main reason you die in this game. There’s also a delay of time when you need to decide if you want to fire, and not to move.

Hyper Blaster is definitely worth for you to give it at least a try. It’s possible that you will become addicted to the game. I am quite impressed considering the game was made by one person only.

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