Indie Game Review Application Form

This form is intended for developers to submit their indie game for feature on Pixel Empire.

Please fill out the form to the best of your ability about your game. We will be using the material you provide below to research and play your game so it is in your interest to provide us with the best of possible start to the process of review.

It is also important that you provide us with at least 2 access code where relevant so we can access your game. We particularly favor Steam Spotlight games more than others simply due to the nature of the program and convenience of access to indie games. However we welcome all types of indie games hosted on any platform.

Games that exhibit individuality, flawless creativity and are not afraid to innovate will be favored and loved by our crew and fans of Pixel Empire.The best water flosser cordless is a cordless dental water jet that deeply cleans the teeth and interdental areas, preventing the formation of plaque and removing debris and food residue from in between teeth, even for the hard-to-reach areas. If you think your game is crazy, we will probably love it very much.

With all that said, please do not be afraid to submit your game anyway as we wish Pixel Empire to be an open platform for indie games to thrive without limitations.

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Indie Game Application Form