In 2010, Play Dead Studio, a new game development studio, released Limbo, a puzzle platformer game. This unique indie game gained reputation by giving gamer an intriguing experience as playing through. Some gamers, including myself have to played Limbo multiple times and enjoyed it to bits. That’s why when Play Dead Studio announced about a new game called Inside after six years, it got a lot of attention and hope. Without seeing any trailer or gameplay before, I tried it myself, and I can surely say that you will not be disappointed. This game is fantastic, an art masterpiece to me.

You will play as a young boy who was thrown in a post-apocalyptic world without any explanation.

You will play as a red-shirted young boy who appears in a post-apocalyptic world with a lot of questions like who you are, how you got there, or where you’re going. The game’s stunning visual will attract you from the very first scene. It’s a clever mix between the artistic frame with a brilliant sound effect. Sometimes, I just stop to enjoy the view of a foggy rainy day and listen to the sound of rain drop or to look at the beautiful sunshine somehow got into a dark brainwashing factory. But almost all the time, the game will make your heart beat fast with dark fantasy scene and horrifying background music.

“…It’s a clever mix between the artistic frame with a brilliant sound effect”

Especially there would be a natural element suddenly appeared between the nebulous city scene or an image that quite contrary to the surrounding context. For example, a single pigeon in middle of big ruined building with a lot of brainwashed people walking silently. The wing-waving sound is somehow impressed me a lot. 

The camera is also a plus to this amazing game. The way how camera accenting each protagonist’s footsteps make me feel like I’m watching an animated film.

Gameplay is taken care meticulously so that even death is exciting too

And there will be no instructions throughout the game at all. The story just reveals itself when you play through the game. You have to learn everything yourself by trial and error. That means you will die a lot of the times till the end, but even the death scene of Inside also was taken care of very meticulously. Sometimes, I even let my boy die to see what happens because auto saving point’s positions were placed in handy. And loading time from death is not too long, so trust me, you will not get bored even a little bit when dying.

The puzzle is required only simple tasks but not boring at all.

Inside help players get used to gameplay step by step, beginning with simple puzzles to introduce basics, then challenges gradually become more complex to follow the course of the game. At the end of the game, players have to use all of the gameplay elements to overcome the game. The puzzle is required only simple tasks such as pulling, pushing and activate objects, but not boring at all. Indeed, the challenges in Inside it is … just right, enough so that you find challenging but still caused Inside feels very pleasant.

Underwater gameplay will make you surprised

Underwater gameplay is also a surprising point in this game. Inside allow character go underwater, of course with a limited oxygen. Maybe you will think the underwater game screen will restrict the operation of the player, but no, Play Dead proved that they can push everything to the best. You even can control a one-man submarine to solve the puzzle.


You will need to spend about 4-5 hours to finish the game and a lot more to think about it. I will not explain why because it will spoil all the fun and joy to play this game.
In conclusion, Inside like a nightmare recorded. But it’s a beautiful and interesting one. This is by far the most brilliant and insane game I have witnessed. Why don’t you give it a try?

Go get Inside on steam!


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