You may have noticed it around but we havn’t actually made an official post introducing and explaining what it is. Indie Game Spotlight program, or Indie Spotlight for short, is our attempt at engaging with the indie development scene. After a short while reviewing mass market games, we found this was ineffective due to the fact that it was extremely difficult to make traction with so many other domain names pushing the same content. With the introduction of Indie Game Spotlight, we want to shift our focus on to the indie game niche, in particular aiming at giving gamers knowledge of undiscovered indie games already available in the market. On the other side of the coin, this would also help indie game developers get more traction and attention on their game.

Our aim with the Indie Game Spotlight program is to help small to medium developers find a platform so they can show off their crazy and creative ideas.

However, the program is not just for any indie game, we are restricting features and writing only for the craziest and most innovative ideas out there. We do not want to see Candy Crush or another Minecraft, we want to see developers experimenting with visual styles like Armed with Wings Rearmed and pushing the boundaries with music like Doctor Bop to give users a truly unique experience should they choose to buy the game.

For the gamers, we want you to trust us to give you the best indie game recommendation possible, I understand that this will not happen over night, but just trust us because we are just like you.

I would also like to highlight here my stance on sponsored posts, we DO NOT accept economic incentive for posting our indie game features. In the future we hope to make money out of the site from alternative methods which will not corrupt the integrity of our content.

That’s it for now, have a nice day.



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