Kerbal Space Program is an addiction: there are thousands of people who spend hours to play, learn, and explore it every day. Whether you like it or not, the game will haunt your mind even when you are not next to your computer.

This game has a unique combination of science and humor elements. Players will be required to help Kerbal, a blue skin astronaut, to build a spacecraft, capable of sending astronauts into space without exploding them into pieces and explore the infinite Space.

You will have the opportunity to choose between two modes: selecting a sandbox mode will allow you to do what you want, while career mode will allow you to play as a real Spacecraft Engineer. I would suggest you play in sandbox mode first to get used to the game events.

Cute Kerbals might make you think that the game is quite easy. That’s not true. From the moment you make your first rocket until you bring your crew to the moon, there will be a lot of difficulties and challenges. Kerbal Space Program is very detailed, like all other great simulator games. It is easy to achieve the speed that can win the earth’s gravity and launch your rocket sheep, but finding a stable orbit is an entirely different challenge. Even if you have mastered this, you still have so many things to do before you can land on a planet. For example, pay attention to engine temperature, fuel level and dispose of parts when they burn out. It takes many hours of hard work as a real scientist to master the whole process. But the outcome will be very satisfying when you will land on the other planet.

If you’re bored with the immediate difficulties of the Kerbal Space Program, do not despair. There is an official wiki page with full of help and advice to ensure your space program is on track. There is a great community of enthusiastic players willing to share you with their experience and tips. There’s also a large modding community, just in case you want to make real life rocket ships or enhance playing experience by the graphic development.

Kerbal Space Program is a dream that requires patience. If you want to experience the feeling of a NASA engineer, Kerbal Space Program is the game for you. The complexity of it allows you to participate in a space race, and learn about the world of building and testing space rocket.

If you have ever dreamt of being an astronaut, this game is definitely for you.


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