If love your theater and story driven games then it is likely Knee Deep is the game for you. From the beginning, it throws you in a setting of drama and death as you are dragged right into the middle of a murder mystery as 1 of 3 characters. Set in the town Cypress Knee with a noir hue and surrounded by a classical murder mystery, you play as either the blogger, the private investigator or a reporter in this play to unravel the story behind the event.


Developed by Prologue Games, a game development company that aims to deliver story driven games, Knee Deep has an obviously strong focus on the plot-line and your enjoyment of the story. Not only that, the game feels like you are watching a play with props, sets and characters moving in and out of the stage.

However, calling it a play would mean that you are a passive participant of the story, just sitting there and watching the story unfold. This is clearly not the case as it wouldn’t be a game otherwise, it would be a movie. In this sense, you are an active participant in the story making vital and consequential decisions in the game leading to reward or punishment. Ultimately the story is of your making and the play will play out however you want it to, of course within the confines of the story.ss_d69853c9cbf69c85fda0eabea08afcb898890ff7

I haven’t dedicated a massive amount of time into the game yet, but I feel that this game will be taking a few more hours for me to dwell fully into. 2-3 hours in and I am already quite impressed at how my decisions actually feel like they matter to some extent, although it does feel a bit forced sometimes. Then again, considering the number of different outcomes they need to create for every single player’s personality would be impossible.

If you enjoy any of the TellTale Games then this is definitely something you should check out. Links below.

Steam link to buy!

Their website

Note quite convinced? Here is a few Let’s Play for you to see what it’s like!




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