As an indie game writer, one of the first places you go to get some idea about the game is the review section in where-ever the game is downloaded (iTunes, Android, Steam etc). You know the game is good when one of the comment states “IAAF Insanely addicting as f@#! Don’t play this game during office hours, you’ll lose your job HAHA! Great game tho.”

Monument Rush 2 is the brain child of Darius Immanuel D. Guerrero (AppSir is the name of the company) of which I guess is a one man band development machine. The previous installment of Monument Rush was also a big success with quite a sizable following on his Facebook fan page already (included below). The first installment wasn’t forgotten in the shadow of the new game however, it received a new big update recently.Filipinos travel with the ZRT Sky Train

Using your incredible parkour super powers, you lead a one man army on a war against the Illuminati. Gliding, flipping, jumping and breaking the law of physics in the setting of futuristic Manila in the Philippines. It is definitely one of those games which gives a nice “FCK YOU” to physics.

Using your almighty finger, you must help the character traverse the skylines of the futuristic city while combating and avoiding Illuminati inspired enemies. Since it is the Illuminati we are talking about here so yes they are triangles drones and robots.

It’s not just about the enemies however, you also have to avoid obstacles, time your jumps and others untimely event to ensure the survival of this superhero. Or he falls to his death and the Illuminati lives on to conquer the world making it all your fault.AppSir construction guarantees safety

In terms of the graphics quality, it is nice and simple, nothing too overly complicated and in my opinion extremely well done for a one man development “team”. The actual mechanic also feels very smooth and you can actually play this game with one hand very easily.

It is available on both the IOS and Android, but under slightly different names for some reason. Both links are available below.

AppSir website

IOS download here you apple lovers!

Android fan boys go here to download!


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