We’ve all watched Kung Fu movies, and of course we all pretended at one point or another to know Kung Fu…One Finger Death Punch takes that fantasy to a whole new level of bad ass-ness. Using nothing more than just your left and right mouse button, you and you alone must face waves and waves of enemies coming from all directions using your flawless combo Kung Fu. Sounds good?

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We played One Finger Death Punch via Steam as usual, this game was actually recommended from a friend. Developed by Silver Dollar Game, it has racked up quite a nice Grand Prize Award at the 2012 Dream.Build.Play contest by Microsoft. This game was played using nothing more than just my mouse.

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Tribute to the five school of Kung Fu

At the start of every round, the system picks a random Kung Fu school out of the 5 possibility, Crane, Mantis, Tiger etc. Each has their own animation and will affect how your character fights for the rest of that round. In addition to that, the game also features a wide array of weaponry that you pick up as you fight your enemies along with special bonus rounds including a Light Saber mode and a special last blood mode where you have 1 health left and are given a super awesome sword to help you survive for a little bit longer. Long story short, a lot of amazing combat awaits you.

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Must play to judge

It is obvious that this looks from first impression like a very low budget game, but this is another example of how graphics and visuals can deceive your opinion. One Finger Death Punch is an extremely unique indie game that shouldn’t be judged if you havn’t played it. It is going for $5 on Steam so seriously just pick it up and try, we promise you won’t regret it.

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Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam

I rarely see a title getting so much positive feedback, even major mass market titles don’t get so much love from the Steam community (I wonder why…). With 8000 reviews at the time of writing, I would say with confidence that One Finger Death Punch (and Silver Dollar Game) have done a fantastic job of making a hit indie game. Like we mentioned before, they have also won the Dream.Build.Play 2012 contest, taking home the grand prize along with many other positive reviews from publishers such as EuroGamer.

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In General

Seriously, I rarely have the nerve to say this but you should just go and buy the game there is honestly nothing to regret about this indie game. The indie game is being sold on Steam at an honest $5 which is so cheap for a game of this scale. Not alone is it fun to play but the campaign levels are actually quite numerous…actually more like endless.

One Finger Death Punch on Steam

One Finger Death Punch website

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