Have you ever been so scared you felt like throwing your mouse at the screen to stop what ever that was coming at you? Jump-scares so bad that you feel the grotesque fiend that is running towards you is about to run right out of the monitor? Well be prepared because if you are going to play Outlast you are going to feel that over and over again. Developed by Red Barrel games, Outlast promises to leave you wimping like a little girl.


Outlast starts in an ordinary setting, with your classic mental hospital, guy wandering in and unknowingly gets trapped and ultimately has to find his way out. Nothing special there. But where it gets messed up is about 20% into the game.

It is not uncommon for horror games to use gore to their advantage, but Outlast takes it to a whole new level. From scenes like your fingers getting cut off by a giant pair of what I guess is surgical scissors to a huge homosexual naked maniac running after you (yep you read it right, fucking scary right?). You have to constantly run away and solve puzzles, hide in lockers and so on to survive from a wide variety of mental patients


I am going to be genuinely honest, the setting itself is nothing special, but damn it is still scary. You will most likely cower in fear as soon as the music suggest to you that someone is chasing you. And yes, the camera is basically your only means of seeing in the dark, which makes it 100x scarier.

Since it’s release, it has been picked up and loved by many famous Let’s Players, including Pewdiepie. In fact I found this game from watching Pewdiepie play, and soon will be playing the new DLC (Whistleblower) as well. They have a new game, Outlast 2 released soon which promises (and the content available so far seems very promising) to be better than the last. But of course, this is not about the new game!

Back to Outlast, the graphics quality is another quality that is amazing in this game. There was a strong focus and clearly a strong graphic team to back up their high level of quality achieved in this game. The realism of the graphics (and gory bits) makes the game so much scarier and really plays with your head.


Though the story itself is not new, what is new are some plot twists and very interesting characters which, again, is fucking scary. We have already talked about the naked homosexual guy who is hellbent on shuving his fist up your….yeah….but there’s also the big guy (descriptive I know…but you will know what I am talking about) that rips you up in 2 and of course the hints at super natural black magic stuff going on. The super natural stuff was never explained and obviously stated in the game though so it could just be a mechanic to make the game more surreal at some points.

Seriously a game you should check out if you are into horror games.

Steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/238320/

Outlast website http://www.redbarrelsgames.com/


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