I’ve recently played this unusual mobile indie game called Party Hard . The flash game made by Ukranian Indie studio PinoklGames, suitable for iOS and Android users . I’m not a mobile game lover, but Party Hard left me under impression mainly because of unusual theme of the game: you are a guest at the party where you meant to murder all the guests. I though it’s worth writing about.

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In general game graphics are pretty similar to other browser games . Felt a lot like these retro games, which you could play on arcade machines in cafes. Simple, pixel-looking, bright and colorful game- good job.

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Not much freedom of move, fixed camera – for me that was a bit tiring at first. When you don’t play much games on mobile decides, jumping from big comfortable PC screen to small phone one is always pain in the ass.
One thing I found slightly annoying is moving from room to room: the moment you trying to pass door your character gets stuck quite often what is not helpful when you trying to run away from crime scene:) Nothing else to say really.

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House below you ,dj , drinks and other party stuff . Many rooms and many people . Your character is just a normal-looking dude who joins the party . And obviously nobody knows that he is a blood-thirsty psych. Anyway, his is to kill all of guests and not to be caught by cops . The secret is to choose a room with victim , wait till no one else except victim is in there (and preferably no one close to room too) and simply go in and kill. Immediately after you must leave the room, as very soon some other party guest will come in and discover the murder. Police will come immediately and if you are next to poor dead victim -you are screwed . The best thing is to quickly walk into the living room and enjoy drinks and music until you find your next victim …

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As you can expect from the name , you gonna be surrounded by loud party music , not too annoying and not too repetitive.

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I generally enjoyed playing Party Hard even though I don’t play flash games much. Probably I this one is going to be an exception for me. Definitely worth playing when you are bored, lonely , want to get distracted or you just love playing mobile games .

Link to the website: http://pinoklgames.com/

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