Picture Diablo but free to play & a better storyline, that basically wraps up Path of Exile. The indie game, developed by Grinding Gear Games, bears a strong resemblance to Blizzard’s game Diablo, however though the game play, camera style & genre are similar to Diablo, Path of Exile is a different game entirely. For those who have never played the Diablo franchise, Path of Exile is an action role-playing game with a strong structure for multiplayer & co-op game play. It is one of those games that is just so much better with friends.


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First Impressions

We began playing this indie game about a year ago and then stopped until recently. I remember we were on Diablo 3 previously so we picked up Path of Exile pretty quickly as essentially the controls and mechanics are the same.


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Hack n Slash

One of the iconic points of this game is it’s brutal combat, decapitation, bodily implosions, fires and many more are integrated into the combat system. Depending on the class you choose and/or the weapon you play the “finisher” animation will fit the type of damage that killed the NPC. Be warned however that is it very violent so if you don’t enjoy bloody gore on the same level of Mortal Kombat then Path of Exile might not be for you.


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Become your legend

Path of Exile features one global skill tree with different starting locations based on the class you choose. You have the choice of becoming and fine tuning your character to what ever fits your needs. Want a wizard in full plat armors? no problem, want a warrior in silk cloth? that’s fine too but definitely not a good idea. In addition to the open skill tree, Path of Exile also features an open equipment system, like mentioned above you can wear any type of armor, wield any type of weapon and basically customize it to bits. However, there are still some preferred builds based on your class and these should be obvious.


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In General

If you are a fan of Diablo then Path of Exile is something you will deffinately enjoy. It is completely free to play with optional cosmetic upgrades from donating only if you wish.

Click here to play Path of Exile!


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