Like they say, work hard play hard, with Pixel Art Academy you can do a combination of both at the same time. Pixel Art Academy is a Kickstarter project currently in its crowdfunding stage, the indie game focuses on teaching all levels of pixel artists through entertaining and interacting with the video game. As with most Kickstarter projects, it is difficult to see the final product from where we stand, but we can see a blurry image of a fantastic indie game waiting to happen.

The video game is being created by Matej ‘Retro’ Jan under the development banner of Retronator. It is also being backed up by various creative talents including C-jeff who is handling the tracks and has allowed the developer to use his existing library of personal audio creations.

As of the time of writing, $48,000 has been pledged, that’s $47,000 more than what was asked for.

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Improving your real skills

This is the important focus here, we all know that playing video games improves your reaction speed and other important human skills but with Pixel Art Academy, you will be improving a marketable skill set. Essentially in the indie game your journey starts at the Academy of Art and you progress your way through the game by completing assignments (basically quests) which may include watch a video, read an article or draw your next masterpiece.

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More e-learning MMO community then video game

When I watched the Kickstarter video presentation for Pixel Art Academy, I was reminded of the experience of being in university rather than playing a video game. Essentially, it feels like a virtual university where students/players interact with each other and can even learn off each other’s works. In combination with the visual appeal of the indie game, I feel that the idea behind the game is very accessible for all age groups, I can imagine it being used in schools for children to be introduced to pixel art.

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You can check out the Kickstarter campaign here yourself, Pixel Art Academy.


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