We caught up with Bryan Koszoru, the mind behind the indie mobile game “Doctor Bop”, to get you some inside information about the game. Doctor Bop is a Rhymth-Surgery game which would appear to be the first of its kind. In our opinion it is a very original idea, let’s see what Bryan has to say about his game.

We are currently in the process of reviewing this game.


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How did you come up with the idea for Doctor Bop?

Turns out it was a REALLY REALLY stupid idea. It was so stupid that couldn’t stop thinking about it, and then that turned into “hey I should actually just MAKE this!” And so that was sort of the beginning.

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We love the fact that 50% of income goes to Extra Life charity. What made you decide to work together with Extra Life?

I didn’t think it was enough just to make a mobile game, because, seriously if there’s one thing the world has an excess of, it’s mobile games. So I wanted to do something that felt worthwhile and new, and to me, the idea of a game about helping people THAT ACTUALLY HELPS PEOPLE, was a really compelling thing.

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Who do you think Doctor Bop is suitable for?

Wow, uhh… to be honest I just made what I think is cool, and hoped that other people agree.

I’m getting a lot of parents telling me that they download the game for their kid, and then they end up stealing the iPad and playing it themselves. Which I’m pretty sure makes them terrible parents. Then again, they’re donating money to other children while they play, so I guess that evens out their parent-karma a bit.

Also China farking LOVES this game. 10x the downloads of anywhere else. I have no idea why.

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How long did you spend developing this game and did anyone help you along the way?

It took me two years, and I developed and financed the whole thing myself. The music is absolutely NOT mine, and is from about a dozen super talented musicians from all over the world. They’re so amazing, and there wouldn’t be a game without them.

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The music in the game is fantastic! Did you do this yourself or did you receive help from musician(s)?

See above! I spent the better part of two years searching Soundcloud for awesome musicians, and just hit up anyone who I thought was cool. About half of them told me to get lost, and the other half were totally down!

If you like the music, pleeeease let the musicians know. They deserve way more support than they get.

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Are you looking to develop more indie games like this in the future? Is it safe to assume that Extra Life will be involved in future projects too?

Oh man yeah I would love to, and that all depends on how well Doctor Bop does. Even when I did all the work for free, it cost about $15,000 to make Doctor Bop. I’m not a super rich guy, and I can’t afford to make another one out of my own pocket again.

But if it does catch on, and I’m able to at least break even, then this could be an awesome new way for people to have fun AND donate at the same time!

That’s the dream, and really this whole KiKo thing is a way to see if that dream is real or not.

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Anything else you would like to add?

Just enjoy! And if you like what I’m trying to do, share it, spend some money in the game, and talk about what we’re doing

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