Plague Inc has been released once a couple of years ago on Android and iOS. It quickly became a hit with its extraordinary and exciting gameplay. In order to expand the game and increase revenue, the company has launched Plague Inc: Evolved on Windows, Linux, and Mac. The only difference is that its PC version has a multiplayer mode. However, multiplayer features are still in development and not yet playable.

Plague Inc: Evolved is a unique game

Plague Inc: Evolved is a unique game where you will put an end to the entire history of the mankind by developing your deathly virus armies and spreading them out all over the world. It sounds crazy, right? But believe me, killing billions has never been so much fun.

You’ll win when your virus kills everyone on the entire planet! There are so many types of viruses in the game: from the weakest ones to strongest. To unlock your next virus, you’ll have to win in Normal mode first. You can even give your virus any cool name that you can think of. So sometimes you will probably burst out laughing with notifications like “My Ass has infected thousands”.

Additionally, you not only can choose how the virus spreads (by birds, by air, etc) but also their symptoms. If you choose wisely, you will make the human race extinct fast. Meanwhile, you’ll need to quickly smash human medications to prevent the disease from being cured. Plague Inc is so realistic that the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) even ask the developer to come and speak about the infection models in the game!

The gameplay is not as easy as you think.

However, the gameplay is not as easy as you think. You must think and act fast to win. If your virus is too lethal that it’s killing people before they had an opportunity to spread the disease then you will lose. If medications arrive and people use it to heal to the point that there is no infected person, you also lose Your virus must be balanced between infectivity, severity, and lethality.

Your choice of plague also affects the game since viruses spread in different ways and with varying mutations. Moreover, there are some specific world scenarios to play through that give you different challenges. Like what would you do if worldwide citizens know how to teleport? Yes, you read it right. Teleport.

Plague Inc is a strategy game which is very hard to master but it is still pretty fun. By the way, the developer (Ndemic Creations) of the entire thing, is just one man- and that makes the game even more impressive.


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