Qube Riders is one of the many arcade games on Google Play, but one has to wonder, are there some things that make it different from the plethora of similar titles out there? The reality is that while Qube Riders is indeed similar to a multitude of titles out there, such as Rubik’s Cube games, this one does manage to provide an entirely new look and feel to the whole experience.

A unique take on Rubik’s Cube

The look and feel for Qube Riders is one of a kind, but the premise is just as interesting. You will need to choose all the fields correctly and as fast as possible because you need to engage into spatial thinking and getting the highest scores.

I found Qube Riders to be a very interesting and non-repetitive game, which is a delight considering the vast amount of clones out there, but at the same time the title is designed with a lot of replay value in mind, which is to be expected considering the huge amount of variations that you can get from such a title. With 4 levels of difficulty, the game does a great job in this regard, and the entire experience is more than immersive because of that.

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Numerous challenges can be found in Qube Riders

You will find yourself dealing with a whole ton of challenges as you play, but the main appeal at least in this particular title comes from unlocking a variety of cube types and collecting medals. It might not sound like much at first, but the entire experience here is definitely very exciting and intense. The replay value is immense, because you never know what you are going to encounter next.

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Stunning music

The music in Qube Riders is amazing, with some of these tunes being 8-bit inspired and a whole lot of fun. This music definitely blends well with the gameplay and brings a sense of immersion which can rarely be found in an arcade game. I found myself playing many of the levels for the music alone, but the levels are also engaging as well and definitely really fun!

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A wonderful level design

Aside from the interesting music, the level design is also quite spectacular, and that’s mainly due to the different tone when compared to other titles you can find out there. The game isn’t easy to grasp that’s for sure, but the experience is more than pleasant and appealing from a visual standpoint, so you will find yourself playing more and more, trying to obtain the best score.

Qube Riders is definitely a trip on its own, and a very different title when compared to what you might have already played until now. You should definitely check this game out if you want to play something similar to Rubik’s Cube yet a little different and more refined. It’s a great and very pleasant experience, with a whole lot to offer and one of the most impressive arcade games I played recently. It’s worth a shot, so go ahead and download it! (its free!)

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