Reassembly – Indie Game Spotlight

We have a treat for you today folks, this indie game is about to consume a lot of your free hours. Reassembly is a space combat game that focuses a lot, and I mean A LOT, on customisation with some serious LEGO style building blocks. In fact you will have to build the entire fleet yourself with the intergrated tools and building blocks unique to each race. You start with a little ship and you build and build till you become a huge mothership or what ever you want to be.

This game has consumed so much of my time recently that I had to tell myself not to play it for a while. Probably should warn you if you want to give it a buy.

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Serious digital LEGO

LEGO that you can’t step on, excellent. The level of customisation that is available in this game is incredibly vast, like huge. You are only limited by the race that you pick at the beginning of every new game, they are like tilesets which makes them feel unique when you play through them all.

The game started as a modular spaceship project by Arthur Danskin who left his job at Nvidia in 2013 to found Anisoptera Games. After a successful kickstarter campaign, reassembly went on to enter early Alpha, of which at the time was called Gamma Void, and then to what you see it today.


Satisfying Destruction

You would be surprised how much satisfaction you get from splitting your enemy’s spaceship down the middle. Especially if you built the spacecraft that did the damage. Not only is the combat in this game extremely destructive in its own unique way, it is also very beautifully crafted to deliver a strange mix of elegant destruction.


Ecosystem & Regrowth feature

At the start of every new save game, the game is randomly generated creating a new experience every time. Not only that, you can hop into a black hold and restart at will but keeping your ship, generating a new random universe.

The game is populated by a large blend of AI controlled spaceships spanning a number of factions which have unique palettes & tile-set to make them stand out. If the color doesn’t give it away, then the swarm of missiles will, it would appear that in Reassembly, everyone is trying to kill you.

Actually what I truly like about this game is the regrowth feature, also possibly why its called Reassembly. I’ve played a lot of space exploring & combat games before, but when my ship gets damaged in the other games, we had to go to the repair station or something similar. In Reassembly, your ship automatically repairs itself, or more accurately, regrow, themselves back to the state of the original design. This promotes a lot of fast-paced combat & relentless pursuit of the victim as it only takes seconds for the enemy’s ship to return to full structural integrity.



Reassembly was one of the most fun I’ve had in a game in a while. I managed to grab it off the Humble Bundle right before the timer ran out and I got a serious deal this time. I would also go as far as saying Reassembly is probably one of my all time favorite games, and the list is very short.

Check out the Reassembly website here!

Go straight to Steam and buy it here!


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