So before I found out about RimWorld, I thought Prison Architect was it for me. Boy was I wrong. I can’t wait to talk about this one so I am going to just dive straight into it. RimWorld is a sci-fi colony sims that is controlled an intelligent AI, by this they mean a storyteller in the game that dictates what manner of horrible misdeed is thrown at you (or nice stuff, but sometimes it seems like the former happens more often).

First thing you will notice about RimWorld is that it is very similar to Prison Architect, and by that I mean the stylistic and technical limitations (top down camera, graphics etc). However that is where the similarities end.

If you are a fan of Prison Architect (which I know most of you are because we covered the game before and we had a positive reaction to that) then RimWorld will truly be a hit for you. Why?

Well simply because now you are not just managing a prison but you are managing an entire colony that requires precision and detailed micro-management…or you die. A little bit like Prison Architect where if you don’t manage just about every aspect of the prison you will end up with a riot problem and…get fire.

If it’s not the food shortage that kills everyone, then the raider will get you in about 5 minutes…or the mad animals, which ever gets there first. Hell, if you built your buildings wrong the roof might collapse and injure someone, haven’t happen to me yet but I am sure that is possible.

What’s really great about this indie game is that you actually feel really fragile and that every single colonist plays a vital role inside the compound that you have built. If you have been dealt a bad card and got a useless colonist, that will impact your performance and yes ultimately your survival. To add to that, each colonist has a characteristic trait that impacts their relationship with others inside the group. They can also go on a mental break down if their mood is not kept high likewise if they are happy they work much better.

You have to micromanage everything from farming to electricity to defense, each plays a vital role and if missing will cause a huge problem to your group. There are also a number of other features you have to manage like temperature (not too high or not too low), number of beds, number of weapons/armor, battery management, animal managements, lighting (too low lighting will cause a mood problem) and even relationship (to an extent). Oh and resource management of course, ran out of iron and no mountains nearby? Well mr. you are fucked!

If there was any game in this world that I recommend then it is RimWorld, go find the game here on Steam:


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