The Saints Row series have made quite the name to be mad and insane with their game’s concept. This new one put you as the leader of the saints (as always) and also the President of the United States of America who has to save the world from an alien invasion. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Before you run away, Saint’s Row 4 is actually quite a fun game to play. It’s a mixture of The Matrix, Tron and Alien Sci-fi all in one insane package.


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First Impressions

As usual, the game puts you on the seat of a leader, in this case the developers put you in the highest possible position in the White House, the President. Shortly after a top secret mission performed by no other than yourself, you find yourself falling from the sky straight through the roof and into your presidential chair (literally!). I suppose that’s one way of introducing a game.

However things from there goes down hill has an evil villain arrives on our pitiful planet and starts crossing names off very quickly, and that is where the game really starts. It’s stupid, it’s lame and at times very inappropriate but I think I love it. I have played past Saints Rows before but none was crazier than this.

UPDATE!: Turns out the next Saints Row is even crazier! This time you take Gat from Hell with a comedic musical theme (what?).SR4_sc15

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Graphics is a definitely improvement since the last generation of Saints Row. However, it feels like some of the content have been recycled with a touch of alien-ness added in to make it feel foreign. There are plenty of destructible, which is a welcomed sight, and super powers really pushes the game’s engine to the limit.

There are a lot of reference to Tron with one game type in particular which really stands out. This is not really a bad thing as Saints Row has been famous for recycling other game’s outstanding mechanics and making it their own, at times with comedic value added to it as well.

The aliens itself are quite well designed, though I do find myself questioning how he can speak English so well…but I suppose its just a game. Alien vehicles are a joy to use which leads us to our next section, Gameplay.


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First of all, the moment you get the dubstep gun, use it and start upgrading it because its 100% original carnage. I promise you will not regret it. It’s difficult for me to explain what it does without me making an idiot of myself so go find out for yourself.

Cars, Tanks, Alien flying jets and Bikes, Saints Row 4 has it all, though have you heard of Super Speed and Super Jump? In Saints Row 5 you can obtain super human power by manipulating with the simulation, this by far is the coolest feature of the game. Not only are you the president, you are also a super hero apparently. I learn from my past Saints Row gameplay that I should just accept that its there.

Oh yes and the dildo melee weapon is still here.


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The story itself is almost a 100% rip off of The Matrix 1,2,3 combined. I actually enjoyed it as the comedic touch to the theme of the game really made it something special in conjunction with The Matrix mind-fuck theme.

Essentially though, this is still a story of good guy vs bad guy with a hint of romance and sci-fi. I know, if I constantly think about every story like that then it’s going to be a boring life for me but I am getting a little bit sick of the constant narrow and linear story line that the developers of the Saints Row always follow. From the first moment I saw the Alien attacking the White House, it was obvious that he was going to be the final boss. I guess I am just ranting now…


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Multiplayer & Co-Op


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Audio however is not bad at all, lots of Alien noises as you would expect with a sci-fi themed game. Add in Super Powers now you have yourself a soup of madness for the sound designers, and I think they pulled off very well. Music was good, but could be emphasised more in the production process.


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In general Saints Row 4 is a good game if you can ignore all the intentional rip off of other movies and games. Story is where it really fell hard, but graphics and gameplay itself was very fun.


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