Cute shooting game:) that was my first impression of Santa’s Salvation game. The game is colorful, simple and addictive, however, during playing I had few annoying moments, which I’m gonna write about below.

According to producer of the game, Santa’s Salvation is a tower defense/shooting game with elements of jigsaw.



I had double feeling about game’s graphics. Plenty of people worked on game (for indie game at least) , and most of them were artists (see credits). Everything almost how I like – colorful,lots of stuff to gaze at. I’m saying “almost”,because despite pretty appearance I found some unnecessary details , for example some elements of game surroundings,which I couldn’t even explain . I found the beginning animation rather disappointing, as well, there is actually no animation but still pictures which change according the story-line. Despite the nature of the game I felt the beginning could be more “active”, may be, just to get player in the right mood?
On the other hand, I might be too critical, so if you like happy, colorful and mood lifting themes – go ahead and play it yourself , so you can decide if I’m right or wrong my overall opinion on graphics : it attracted me because of visual elements , such as variety of colors and drawings, however, I didn’t see much attention to details .



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According to producer of the game, Santa’s Salvation is a tower defense and shooter game with elements of thinking. You can use 4 types of weapons, which are available in game shop .
You meant not to allow cute little elves to run away from you in Santa’s gift track . You do that by shooting them from Candy cannons and shooting elves what makes you earn money to purchase more cannons and increase your chance of winning. Be careful with placing cannons , the amount of kills depends on their position (which side to place it to get more precise shots);also,after placing it you can’t move it. There are four levels in the game and 3rd is the hardest yet funniest:) According to level increasing you’ll need to face other targets,bigger than elves (some other magical creatures). In the beginning parts.doing that was almost impossible , as I found cannon pretty useless for such big targets. Bit annoying. Each part lasts a bit too long,especially if you killed all your enemies already . To shorten waiting time, you can click alarm clock on top of the screen.


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The Krampus (thank you, Wikipedia) is a horned hairy dude which meant to help Santa to punish naughty children before Christmas comes. However, this Christmas, not without elves’ help, Krampus decides to seizure Santa to get his power…

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Too repetitive. One line over and over and over again.


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General opinion: honestly, despite my criticism , I enjoyed the game . I played it non-stop for 2 hours, what, I believe , definitely means that the game is appealing to player and will have success . However , if you’re impatient and too picky on details , this game might be not for you. The best option is to play yourself . Don’t forget to leave the comment for me if you will!

It’s important to mention that Santa’s Salvation is not free, it would cost you from $0.49 to $2.99 depending on the platform you use.


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