What do you do when the Zombie Apocalypse hits? You run! and that’s exactly what Shh Zombies is about, running away from zombies by solving level based puzzles in a 2D birds eye view block environment.

So that there are no confusions, the graphics in this game is not great, but it makes up for the mechanic if you have a little patience and a knack for puzzle solving.



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First Impressions

What I can tell you is I really hate puzzle games, I do not have the patience nor do I like solving mind boggling puzzles.

With that out of the way, Ssh Zombies is fun, but needs some improvements.


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The game itself could have done with some more attention to the visual side of things, I understand that it could have been a stylistic choice like that of Minecraft, but the skin for your character and the zombies share the same texture with some variation in color.

It is important to note that this is an indie game and this is the developer’s first release.


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Shh Zombies features an interesting play mechanic where you plot all your moves before you actually initiate them. This is excellent as mechanic however when in practice on Ssh Zombies it jagged and annoying to navigate due to the tapping nature of the phone.

Once you have managed to plot your route, your character will begin to run for his life, should he run into a zombie you will have to begin from scratch; a memory feature where the previous moves were saved and re-plotted would be mighty useful here.

Zoom feature is slightly deceiving as there’s actually only 2 view mode, close-up and full, nothing in between. During switching between the 2 zoom functions the game bugs out and locks up the movement until the animation has been completed.


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No particular story, just run for your life I guess.


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Multiplayer & Co-Op

No mutliplayer feature.

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Unfortunately the audio in this game is annoying and repetitive. I found myself muting the whole game.


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In general a fun experience with areas to improve. I feel that more focus on the graphics would help with the aesthetics and gameplay needs a bit more attention. As far as I know, this game was made by one person (Peter Law) and its his first game so this has been taking into consideration during the review and scoring.

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