Shuyan the Kung Fu princess is a sort of coming of age story with a touch of royalty & lots of kung fu, blending together a strong narrative & classical gameplay. If you ever watched Mulan, you will find Shuyan the princess a very familiar character indeed. This title in particular is very unique because it’s basically an episodic action adventure title created specifically for the iOS which follows the story of a brave princess which tries to save her family and friends by fighting against the enemies that are attacking her land.

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The Kung Fu touch

In a classical video game lore sense, there are 2 major personas of princess, one is the down to earth kind that you rescue, and the other really doesn’t need your help. Well Shuyan is the latter, equipped with kick ass kung fu skills that could take down any man she dislikes, which would be very helpful considering she needs to rescue her family.

The gameplay for this game is explosive and a lot of fun, but it also shows the huge amount of quality and attention to detail that makes Shuyan Kung Fu Princess such a great game to begin with. The title is created with fun and attention in mind, but the thing that will strike you as very interesting is the sheer appeal of the story.


Is the episodic approach a good one?

When creating a story, you need to see if creating a longer one is valid and good for the audience. In the case of Shuyan the Kung Fu Princess, I feel that they are doing a great job because exploring the way a princess will change due to the things happening to her is no small feat, and there are plenty of opportunities in which we can explore the aforementioned things.

It’s definitely something that you can rarely see in the gaming world, and because of that you will find yourself enjoying a very fun, cohesive and plain extraordinary gameplay filled with numerous quests and challenges as you go around.


Is there a solution to her pain?

Considering the gruesome story of the character and the transformation she has to go through, you will definitely get emotionally attached as you play. Based on the gameplay videos and all the available information, we can say that the title does indeed showcase a person with a lot of character and appeal, one that’s changing into a more powerful, responsible one. It’s hard to say how much our princess will change during the game, we will have to find that for ourselves, but in the end we can definitely say that the overall experience in Shuyan Kung Fu Princess is more than solid and a whole lot of fun.

From the great character design to the wonderful game world created by the title, Shuyan the Kung Fu Princess is indeed a tribute to the Asian culture and one of the games that are bound to bring an emotional impact unlike never before. Having a heroine in a game is no small feat (feminism!), but the development team does much more than that, as they try to provide us with one of the best episodic games you can find right now, and based on what we know and see in regards to the game, they are definitely on the right path of doing so!

Go to Shuyan the Kung Fu Princess’s website here.


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