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Space Jacked is a game that came out in February 2016. It is a 2D Tower Defense Platformer that brings some unique element which has some fast gameplay that takes a lot of strategy, jumping back and forth and things like that.

So Space Jacked, originally this game started in 2013 when they wanted to have a 2D that have gravity manipulation as a core mechanic. Basically as the developer went on they needed to change and make things a little bit less robust. Starting in 2014 they sort of finalized the idea of what it is in its current state, a 2D tower defense arcade game with gravity manipulation mechanics.

In Space Jacked, you can hit one button and your gravity boots will flip you upside down and land you on the ceiling of wherever you may be standing right now. This is countered by the fact that you cannot jump what so ever in Space Jacked, instead if you want to perform a jump you will have to activate your fancy gravity boots, land on the ceiling, move to the platform you wanted to jump to and deactivate the boots. This is all down to the fact that in space….you can’t jump.

I think that this way of getting around the map is extremely unique and makes for a very fun and enjoyable gameplay. Getting around the map is a small challenge when you first start but when you get the hang of the gravity boot you are good to go for the rest of the game.

So yes you can also build towers and yes they can be built upside down as well.

The story is that the character is in a little bit of a problem, the crew is missing, kidnapped or stolen by these aliens that you are killing. Your mission is to stop these aliens from over running your space ship and cause more damage than they already have. At the same time you are trying to warp into hyper space in search of your crew mates.

Another thing that is interesting about this game is that you have to defend not 1, not 2 but 3 different rooms AT THE SAME TIME! At the start, it is quite forgiving but as you start levelling up and progressing the game starts getting very intense due to the fact that there are so many different rooms you have to defend at the same time.

The game comes in 2 modes, story mode and the endless mode which I guess is self-explanatory. There are about 10 different types of enemies which provides different types of challenges for you to deal with. You can upgrade your weapons and your towers which comes in 3 different flavors as well. In the Endless mode there is also a leaderboard which you compete with other players to reach the top and see who can survive the longest before being over ran by aliens.

Visually the game follows a retro feel with its pixelated graphics. This is combined to match with the audio and of course the platforming aspect. However, make no mistake, this is a modern game that meets it’s modern players very well with extremely smooth gameplay and generally pretty damn fun to play.






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